Osprey Nesting Platform Lives On

January 7, 2020
By Ken Edwards, Sr.

On a walk in February nine years ago, I found a 15′ long 4”x4” post with an osprey platform fully attached. It had drifted ashore from Connecticut and was on the beach off the 15th fairway at the golf course.

With the help of Donnie Beck and his crew it was carried off the beach and put in the back of my pick up truck. I made a few minor repairs to it, and then picked a site on Museum property on the south side of the driving range. JR Edwards and Wayne Doucette, who were both working for the Telephone Company at the time, were able to install it.

This November during a very bad windstorm the pole snapped and the nest came down. Jim Baker and JR Edwards helped me put the broken pole and platform in my truck. I took it to Race Rock Garden Co. where David Burnham ordered a new 16’ long, 6”x6” pressure treated pole. Jeff Edwards and his crew including Tom Kexel, Jeff Barrett, and Terrence Ryan installed the original platform on the new pole, rebolted it to the base, and were able to get it back up at the same site.

This Middle Farms osprey nest site has been very successful every year. It is my hope that the birds will be back in March or early April to rebuild their nest for a tenth time – I will be watching.

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Photo credit Ken Edwards)

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