Island Community Board

The Fishers Island Community Board (ICB) was formed in 2005, following in the footsteps of years of work by the Fishers Island Civic Association. ICB is composed of six elected members (three seasonal and three year-round residents), and a representative from each of the four tax districts, Island organizations, and non-profits. ICB serves in a coordinating role, keeping the island stakeholders apprised of what is happening in the community and hosts island-wide strategic discussions.

Elected Board: Willard Soper, President; MaryBeth Guimaraes, Administrator/Secretary; Year-round representatives: Meg Atkin, Nate Malinowski, and open seat; Seasonal representatives: Dicky Riegel, Willard Soper, and George de Menil.
Advisory Board: Christian Arsenault, FI School District; Geb Cook, FI Ferry District; David Burnham, Waste Management District; Paul Giles, Fire District; Wendy Henderson, Island Health Project (IHP); Matt Edwards, Walsh Park; Mimi Gary, FIDCO; Tom Siebens, FI Utility Co.; Elizabeth McCance, Ferguson Museum; Tom Sargent, FI Conservancy; Jeanie Cook, Community Center (FICC); Jon Britt, FI Library; Margaret Benkard, Island Peoples Project (IPP); Beth Cashel, Fishers Liaison to Southold; Louisa Evans, Town Rep – Ex Officio.

To contact the Board directly, please send mail to Box 371, Fishers Island, NY 06390 or email

ICB Community Membership

In order to provide an effective civic forum, the ICB Board Members are asking members of the Fishers Island Community to join our Community Member Registration. It is critical to the effectiveness of the ICB Board that elections happen annually, or as an elected term ends. This will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to vote and we can continue to have a fair and balanced voice.

To become an ICB Community Member please email the ICB Secretary and ask to be on the membership list. This will ensure that you receive all news, meeting notices, and election information.

To check if you are already a member or to become a new member please email ICB Secretary MaryBeth Guimaraes at Please include the following information:

  • Subject line: ICB Membership Registration
  • Include your full name and email address
  • Indicate your preference as either a Year-Round member or Seasonal Member category


Thank you for your support of the ICB and for being a Community Member.

ICB Annual Appeal

Please consider making a voluntary annual contribution of $10 for individuals or $25 for families to assist in covering ICB’s annual operations costs. Additional contributions of any amount are most welcome! ($35 is suggested for businesses.) Because ICB is a 501(c)(4) civic association, dues and contributions are not tax-deductible. You may send checks to ICB at PO Box 371, Fishers Island, NY 06390 and we have provided an online payment option here.

Make ICB Annual Contribution!


ICB Annual Meeting October 6, 2018

ICB Meeting Schedule & Agendas 2021

Tuesday, July 13 via Zoom at 5pm. Find ICB Meeting Zoom link, agenda & meeting recordings here.
Please encourage on island friends and family members to join in on the call. Including COVID-19 updates.

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Rhode Island Wind Farm

The Town of Southold has been informed of the new proposal for a wind farm located between Block Island and Martha's Vineyard. Any comments may be submitted to the Town.

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The Real ID

New Yorkers now have until May 3, 2023 to get a REAL ID and thereafter everyone will need a Real ID to travel on a plane.

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