Thirty-nine species were recorded in September’s count.

Sunday, September 19, 8am—10:30am

“…She screamed in delight and pointed to the most amazing, beautiful, big caterpillar I …

The annual count is in with fewer than last year.

Balloons and their strings come back to the ground, often far from the release …

Including identification & prevention

It is fun and rewarding to give trees a good start.

Bring your binoculars! Spring Migration Bird Count ~ May 16th @ 8:00 – 10:30am

Funding will be available to support eligible homeowners.

Beginning Monday, April 19

Join the Peconic Land Trust zoom and learn how and why to safely light …

The Museum is looking for a wide range of participating photographers.

50th Anniversary today, November 12, 2020

Cemetery trees, the majority of which are thriving today, even in our challenging environment.

This time, my quarry was the Eastern coyote.

You are walking on the beach on a breezy fall day and come across …

A reminder to respect our beaches and open spaces.

What shows up on Fishers Island’s shores? “Carry In, Carry Home”

The carcass is a NOAA marked specimen.

A new high count for Fishers Island!

Nothing should be flushed except, you know what!

“Healthy eelgrass meadows along our shores ensure that there is a constant supply of …

“Gardening has been proven to fight depression and anxiety.”

Let’s hope we all have a successful and rewarding gardening season that will not …

Featured Photo

Beach Rocks sun gaze, 12/10/20 Photo by Richard Breining

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