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January 8, 2019     Chloe Rose van Hengel ‘Coco’ to Peter & Stephanie van Hengel

February 7, 2019    Wilhelmina Vauclain Waldin ‘Winnie’ to Casey Cook & Erik Waldin

February 20, 2019 Elizabeth Stuart Boswell ‘Betty’ to Lizzie & Taylor Boswell

March 1, 2019         Robert Dixon Hopkins Harvey IV ‘Dixon’ to Steph Casella & Bobby Harvey

March 7, 2019         Anne Neville Ahrens ‘Nevi’ to Fe & Ted Ahrens

March 13, 2019       Caecilia Grace Taylor-Goedman to Charlotte Taylor & Menno Goedman

March 21, 2019       Pippa James McGeeney to Julie and Michael McGeeney

March 28, 2019      Robert Bradford Taylor ‘Bobby’ to Liz Burnham & Will Taylor

March 28, 2019      Elizabeth Duval Herlihy ‘Nell’ to  Daphne Patterson Herlihy & Brent Herlihy

March 29, 2019      Emmet Mandler Barnett to Lilly Rand & Isaac Barnett

May 17, 2019           Zinnia Ellsworth Scoville to Sarah & Avery Scoville

May 30, 2019          Jack Grayson Lamb to Ari & Scott Lamb

August 6, 2019        Adele Elizabeth Farha to Abby & Ryan Farha

August 27, 2019     Preston James Dollar to Chris and Kathy Dollar

September 3, 2019 Henry David Ochse to Emily & Alex Ochse

October 2, 2019      Sorrel Elizabeth Cashel ‘Relly’ to Hannah & Tripp Cashel

October 5, 2019      Olive Atlas Kaelin to Tryn Collins & Matt Kaelin

October 11, 2019     William Gardner Hayes to Nancy Planitzer Hayes & Whit Hayes

November 1, 2019   Hollis Grey Weidato Kyley Lyon Weida & Jason Weida

November 9, 2019  Wallace Anderson Carroll to Sarah Hopkins Carroll & Brian Carroll

November 22, 2019 Wyatt Fisher Forand to Courtney Gillan Forand & Luke Forand

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Suffolk County EOC Update/Situation Report

As of April 7, 2020: Governor Andrew Cuomo announced extension of the “New York on PAUSE” executive order through April 29 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes closures for businesses deemed non-essential and all schools, and employees at non-essential businesses are ordered to remain at home. Governor Cuomo has increased fine for violating social-distancing protocols from $500 to $1,000.