Fishers Island Home Care Initiative & Survey

by Jane Ahrens

June 15, 2022
Attention Fishers Island Community

This is a message to announce the formation of a new Home Care Health Initiative on Fishers Island in partnership with the Island Health Project. This initiative is to facilitate the delivery of auxiliary health care services to the Island which in the past have been difficult to obtain. These services include on-island Physical Therapy, Home Care for the elderly or infirm, and end-of-life Hospice Care.

Administrative costs for the program, as well as a limited fund to supplement costs for those in need, are being underwritten by a handful of benevolent community members.

Although still in the making, these services will be up and running before this summer of 2022. So plan accordingly!

Physical Therapy

Starting Tuesday, June 28, the Island Home Care Initiative will be offering orthopedic and sports physical therapy at the Fishers Island Community Center. The physical therapist, John Bradford from PhysioCare, will be available by appointment each Tuesday (and possibly another half day) throughout summer into September for hour and half hour sessions.  Although we hope to have up and running a self scheduling web-based system soon, in the meanwhile please call the IHP clinic/ Doctor’s Office at 631-788 -7244 for an appointment. Should the reason for therapy be injury based, a preliminary evaluation by Dr. Ingram may be required.

“Orthopedic physical therapy emphasizes the prevention, identification, assessment, minimization, and correction of pain and disability due to acute or prolonged musculoskeletal impairment. This includes post-surgical as well as non-surgical conditions. The goal of treatment is to promote optimal tissue regeneration and function. A physical therapist may use a variety of interventions to diminish pain and correct movement impairments associated with orthopedic disorders.”

“Sports physical therapy emphasizes the prevention, identification, assessment, minimization, and correction of pain and disability associated with injuries sustained in athletic activities and problems that affect sport performance. The goal of treatment is to maximize participation and performance.”

Due to the newness of the program and issues related to Medicare and private insurance, no payment can be accepted for these services.  The Island Home Care Initiative will be funding the services itself, although a donation to the Island Health Project specifically to support the physical therapy program would be appreciated in a manner commensurate with a client’s use of the services. Hour-long sessions run at $150/hr and half-hour sessions at $75/half hr. Contributions would be appreciated when further services are no longer expected with a memo attached indicating that you are making the donation in support of the program.

John Bradford, DPT
John H. Bradford, DPT is the physical therapist and owner of PhysioCare Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, LLC. John graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2001 with a Masters in Physical Therapy. After graduating from UCONN he then completed advanced course work in orthopedics at Quinnipiac University and completed a post professional doctorate through EIM Institute of Health. He continues to pursue additional education in orthopedics through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine and EIM Institue of Health.

Home Care

Many of us have attempted to navigate the maze of home care for the aged or infirm in our families and suffered for the effort. We have often had to choose to shorten/eliminate holidays or complicate them with inadequate provisions. The FI Home Care Health Initiative is attempting to assist families with this by partnering with Shelter Island Home Care,, an agency we have vetted, to provide 24/7 certified nursing assistants (CNA) for those in need. Although this agency can only provide live-in care, we have also identified a limited number of local Fishers Island caregivers who can provide short-term (hourly) care including driving to appointments, bathing, feeding, shopping, companionship, etc. These services too would be paid for out-of-pocket with insurance coverage unlikely unless a long-term home care insurance plan is active. Please contact Kapri Thomas at for further details and to coordinate care.

Home Hospice

The FI Home Care Health Initiative has partnered with East End Hospice,, for end-of-life care for those wishing to spend their final days with family on their beloved island in the comfort of their homes. Our team, working hand in hand with East End Hospice, can also work in conjunction with the home care agency such that families can spend quality time with their loved ones without the stress of difficult to manage issues. Medicare to date covers these expenses. Kapri Thomas is again the point person and can be reached at for further details and coordination of care.

Finally, the Fishers Island Home Care Health Initiative is intent on monitoring the island’s involvement in the procurement of these services so as to be in a position to advocate for the families and smooth logistics.

Please assist us by completing this short survey assessing interest in the community for participation in any parts of the Initiative, either presently or in the future. This will allow us to adjust the programs according to demand.

Thank you very much,

Dr. Christoper Ingram

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