Your freight, Wright to your door!

A subscription-based package delivery service, closing the distance between the Fishers Island Ferry freight office and your home.

We know the reliable delivery of your packages is of utmost importance, so we assure you that the security of your items is our top priority with no-contact delivery, a rigorous tracking system, and same-day delivery Monday-Friday. Each week includes delivery of unlimited packages under 50 lbs.

Our two-person team, Penelope and Dexter Benkard, have tested negative for COVID-19, and we operate according to IHP recommendations with face masks and gloves.

Weekly subscriptions starting at $20
To find more information, details and to subscribe, please visit www.fort-wright-deliveries or, if you prefer, call or text us at 631-388-7909

Note: Although not associated with the Fishers Island Ferry, the District and freight office applaud this effort.

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