Where in the World is Charlie?

Photo: Giles Martin-Raget/Team Alvimedica
Photo: Giles Martin-Raget/Team Alvimedica


Fishers Island is following Team Alvimedica as they compete in the Volvo Ocean Race! Why?

The American team’s skipper is Fishers Island’s own Charlie Enright.

“The Volvo Ocean Race is acknowledged as the greatest test of sailing prowess and human endeavor as the world’s seven fastest monohulls race a nine month marathon around the globe deep into the bleak latitudes of the Southern Ocean and through the world’s most hostile seas.” ~ www.volvooceanracenewport.com

UPDATE: June 30, 2015
At nine months and 40,000 miles the adventure has been long and the journey has been incredible. Team Alvimedica and the VO 65 fleet have completed the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race!

UPDATE: JUNE 28, 2015

Team Alvimedica crossed the final finish line of the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg’s In-Port Race on Saturday, June 27. The tight race course and tricky light winds added to a heated battle between Mapfre and Alvimedica who were battling it out for fourth overall.

The final finishing order was determined in the last minutes of the race when Mapfre stalled Alvimedica just before crossing the finish line and just managed to put Dongfeng Race Team between them and the orange and black boat. Their two point advantage on the race course put them one point ahead of us in the In-Port Series, breaking the tie in Mapfre’s favor for 4th overall. 

Congrats to all Volvo Ocean Race sailors for completing this round the world journey, it’s been an incredible adventure!

June 27, 2015. The final day of the 2014-15 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. The  Inmarsat In-Port Race in Gothenburg. Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez
June 27, 2015. The final day of the 2014-15 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. The Inmarsat In-Port Race in Gothenburg.
Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez

In-Port Race Series Results
1 – Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing
2 – Team Brunel
3 – Team SCA
4 – Mapfre
5 – Team Alvimedica
6 – Dongfeng Race Team
7 – Team Vestas Wind

Overall Race Results
1 – Abud Dhabi Ocean Racing
2 – Team Brunel
3 – Dongfeng Race Team
4 – Mapfre
5 – Team Alvimedica
6 – Team SCA
7 – Team Vestas Wind

UPDATE: June 21, 2015

Team Alvimedica won the final Leg of the 14-15 Volvo Ocean Race! Congrats to the crew for persevering through this ’round the world journey and getting the best result possible in Leg 9!

As Team Alvimedica reached the 10 nautical mile mark to the Leg 9 Finish of the Volvo Ocean Race the breeze died and the boat speed slowed nearly to a hault. With the next closest competitor less than 3 miles back the orange and black team pressed on breaking through the light breeze. Click on the image to see a larger version. Photos by Ricardo Pinto

UPDATE: June 19, 2015

Leg 9 Lorient-Gothenburg > The Hague > The Netherlands. June 19, 2015 arrivals to the Pitstop in The Hague during Leg 9 to Gothenburg; Team Alvimedica. Photo by Victor Fraile
Leg 9 Lorient-Gothenburg > The Hague > The Netherlands. June 19, 2015 arrivals to the Pitstop in The Hague during Leg 9 to Gothenburg; Team Alvimedica. Photo by Victor Fraile

Team Alvimedica had a good showing for the first half of Leg 9, arriving into The Hague first with one of the largest finishing leads into any port throughout the race of 1 hour and 46 minutes. But it doesn’t end here, the next step is to keep the momentum going with the final 480 nautical miles to Gothenburg for this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Stay tuned for the Swedish showdown!

Departure order on Saturday, June 20 beginning at 12:00 PM in The Hague:

Team Alvimedica 12:00 Local
Dongfeng Race Team 13:46.29
Mapfre 14:20.17
Brunel Sailing 14:37.46
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 15:52.43
Team Vestas Wind 16:04.17
Team SCA 16:32.36

Mark CROCS lie still against the hull, in contrast to the moving water and keel just below them. Photo by Amory Ross

UPDATE: Get all the latest news at
Team Alvimedica’s Facebook Page
and TeamAlvimedica.com

UPDATE: World Oceans Day, June 8, 2015

To mark World Oceans Day, Team Alvimedica skipper Charlie Enright has teamed-up with Ocean Conservancy CEO Andreas Merkl to write a joint blog to raise awareness on the state of ocean health. Through the course of the Volvo Ocean Race, Charlie has witnessed first-hand the impact of marine debris in the world’s oceans. He spoke at the Ocean Summit hosted during the Newport stopover of the race and will speak again on June 26 at a Summit organized during the final stop in Gothenburg, Sweden. Learn more at the World Oceans Day link above.

UPDATE: May 7, 2015: Leg 6 Completed – Team Welcomed Home in Newport

Photo by Billie Weiss | Volvo Ocean Race
Photo by Billie Weiss | Volvo Ocean Race

Team Alvimedica Hometown Arrival – Leg 6 Finish: Team Alvimedica drifted across the Leg 6 finish line into 5th place after sailing more than 5,000 nautical miles from Itajai to Newport. For four of the crew on board it wasn’t just your standard finish, but a dream come true as they sailed home to Rhode Island.

More friends and family lined the dock than any other arrival we have had before. The crew will have the next few days to spend quality time catching up and recounting stories since the last time they had sailed into Newport nearly a year ago. 

Stay tuned for the details on all the stopover activities over the next 10 days!
May 16 In-Port Race
May 17 Leg 7 Start

UPDATE: April 24, 2015: Leg 6 – Heading Home to Newport!
Estimated boats arrival dates May 5-9.

Team Alvimedica: Trucking Towards Home

UPDATE April 5, 2015: Happy Easter and Congratulations to Charlie Enright and Team Alvimedica​ on an amazing Leg 5 in the Volvo Ocean Race from everyone on Fishers Island!! Wow, 3rd place and such a close finish after 6,776 NM!!


UPDATE March 30, 2015: Team Alvimedica, the youngest crew in the Volvo Ocean Race, rounded the iconic Cape Horn first today just after 1400 UTC and only 15 minutes ahead of Abu Dhabi Racing, in a hotly contested battle at the front of the fleet.  http://www.teamalvimedica.com/news/team-alvimedica-is-first-to-cape-horn/

UPDATE MARCH 29, 2015: Team Alvimedica is in 1st position at 18:40 UTC and headed straight toward Cape Horn. On Monday, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet will round the infamous Cape Horn – the toughest sailing in the world. The current ETA for the Cape Horn crossing is 1700-2100 UTC (Noon-4:00pm EST). Don’t miss it! Here is HOW TO FOLLOW 


Alvimedica’s Position March 26, 2015 noon EST




UPDATE: March 12, 2015 – Sunday’s scheduled Leg 5 start from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil has been delayed by at least 24 hours due to an approaching Tropical Cyclone. 

Leg 5: Where Legends of the Ocean Race are Made

Leg 4: Sanya-Auckland
“A fourth place finish on Leg 4 saw the crew pushing the leaders the whole leg, never too far behind and always with a chance to pass if the weather conditions allowed. Enright reckons the team sailed the least amount of miles on Legs 3 and 4, showing the team’s making good routing and navigation decisions.” Team Alvimedica

UPDATE: January 26, 2015 Turning a Corner – Leg 3 Recap
Team Alvimedica had their first podium of an offshore leg after crossing the finish line 3rd into Sanya. Watch how it all went down during the 23 days at sea!

UPDATE: January 22, 2015
2/3 of the way through Leg 3 Team Alvimedica finds themselves in the South China Sea

Team-Alvimedica-Jan-22-660x330 From the Boats

UPDATE: Leg 3 Abu Dhabi to Sanya Begins January 3, 2015 10:00 UTC Follow the Race

UPDATE: January 2, 2015
Team Alvimedica have won their claim for redress after they diverted course to sail to the assistance of the grounded Team Vestas Wind in Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Time to Redress

UPDATE: December 18, 2014
Wall Street Journal article
Sportsmanship on the High Seas

For Team Alvimedica, their only concern throughout the ordeal was the safety of their fellow competitors. “The only thing that matters, was that everyone was ok, they are our competitors and our friends but in addition to that we are each other’s support networks when we are sailing in remote corners of the world,” Enright said.
Team Alvimedica Resumes Racing – Team Vestas Safe

Technology makes the world a smaller place, as some students at Friends Academy found out Tuesday in a video conference with Team Alvimedica skipper Charlie Enright.
Meris Enright’s 5th Graders Graders get Glimpse of Ocean Racing

LEG 2 – Cape Town to Abu Dhabi. Team Alvimedica have had a flying start in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. As the boat slowly crept from under the shadow of Table Mountain the wind changed drastically and Team Alvimedica were sailing at 40 knots!

Team Alvimedica spent over 26 days at sea before crossing the Leg 1 finish line in 5th position in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. They arrived in Table Bay under the full moon light and cruised past the shores outside the V & A Waterfront while family members cheered the crew from afar through their last miles to the line. Watch as Team Alvimedica is welcomed with open arms after making landfall at 3:07 AM on November 7, 2014.

Life at The Extreme TV Series – NBCSC is Channel 220 on FI Direct TV – Link includes the full schedule of upcoming shows.

Team Alvimedica have officially crossed the #Equator into the Southern Hemisphere!

It’s not just our Pollywog crew members who passed across the Equator for the first time, but it is also our Volvo Ocean 65 ‘Alvimedica’s first time racing across the Equator. It won’t be her last passage across this latitude during the Volvo Ocean Race.

Team Alvimedica’s Blog by OBR (On Board Reporter) Amory Ross!

Volvo Ocean Race Dashboard: Where in the World are they?

Team Alvimedica on Facebook Follow the Team’s daily updates on Facebook

Round the World Race begins October 11 at 2:00 Spanish Time!

SailingScuttlebutt.com Interview with Charlie 

Team Alvimedica WINS Volvo Ocean Race’s 1st in-port Race Today

Alicante, Spain: Team Alvimedica WINS in-port Race 10/4/2014

4 Oceans, 5 Continents, 11 Ports, 38,739 Nautical Miles

The Volvo Ocean Race starts on October 4, 2014 in Alicante, Spain with an in-port race.
Leg 1 from Alicante to Cape Town, South Africa starts on October 11.

We will be following Team Alvimedica and the Volvo Ocean Race using a variety of social media including:

Team Alvimedica’s Facebook page, also linked to FI’s Facebook Home page;
The Team’s tumblr page
, where their On Board Reporter will post almost every day;
The Volvo Ocean Race website which has information about the route and news for the entire race.

The Youth Club A look at Team Alvimedica, the youngest team in the Race.

The Volvo Ocean Race starts on October 4, 2014 in Alicante, Spain with an in-port race.  Leg 1 from Alicante to Cape Town, South Africa starts on October 11
The Volvo Ocean Race Route – Alicante, Spain to Gothenburg, Sweden

For Students of All Ages
Meris Tombari Enright, Charlie’s wife (a teacher and FIYC’s Sailing Director) is currently working with Sail Newport to develop a school curriculum that will link to the Discovery Zone at the Newport Stopover next May. The goal is to attract local schools and teachers to get kids excited about the race, but also use it as a way to learn geography, math, environmental science, and more.  Beginning by introducing the race and the teams, they will be moving into basic geography (continents, oceans, latitude, longitude, and scale) that can be use when tracking each boat. The site is very much under construction – so check back as it is developed!

Introducing the Race and featuring Team Alvimedica

Volvo Ocean Race: Full Route 2014-2015

The world’s toughest sailing race is back! The Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 route will take in 11 cities in 11 countries and will require the teams to cover almost 40,000 nautical miles over nine months of racing. Follow the route: Alicante – Cape Town – Abu Dhabi – Sanya – Auckland – Itajai – Newport – Lisbon – Lorient – The Hague (Pit stop) – Gothenburg. Get all the latest updates on VolvoOceanRace.com


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