FI COVID-19 Census: Who Is Here? and Contact Tracing

If you are here on the Island – no matter when you arrived – or are making plans to come soon – please take a moment to complete this simple form and submit it to IHP (Island Health Project). You can fill it out for your whole household. (You do not need to fill it out more than once, even if you need to leave and return.)

Why? It is for Contact Tracing purposes. The hospitals do not have the capacity to do contact tracing so, should a member of our community become infected, this list will enable IHP to find and notify the people who have had contact with the COVID-19 patient.

The purpose of an accurate census helps the Island Health Project estimate and plan for community needs in relation to the status of the COVID-19 virus on Island. It applies to EVERYONE – year-round residents, seasonal residents, guests, contractors, and service people. The information provided will be treated as confidential, not shared, or displayed without explicit permission from you in advance.

This census was created under the auspices of the ICB for IHP on Fishers Island, NY. This information will only be available to IHP and only accessed as needed during this COVID-19 event.

FINY COVID-19 Census Online Form

If you are a regular commuter to an employer on Fishers Island, please fill out the census using this link.

Commuting Worker FINY COVID-19 Census

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