Website Features: Hiding in Plain Sight

Websites can be daunting, especially if you can’t find something, so here are some helpful and easy hints.

  • Start with the SEARCH option in the upper right corner of any page, then in the dropdown options pick View All Results. Key words are best. More posts are tagged with connected words, so start there. We are always working to do a better job of tagging.
  • Click anywhere! On a photo, section heading, a headline, a button, an ad, and any text, especially if it is any color other than black. For example, on the home page, (yes, click on that blue text) click on section heading COVID-19, BULLETIN BOARD or PROGRAMS, MEETINGS & EVENTS, and you will find WAY more than 5 ‘articles’.
  • Scroll down, sometimes the best things are at the bottom. Like subscribing to the Fog Horn for free!
  • Mouse over…move your ‘mouse’ and see if anything else is ‘hiding in plan sight’, like the featured stories on

Visit and try it out yourself!

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