Walsh Park’s Apartment Project: Ferry Freight Building #209

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The Fishers Island Freight building had an interesting beginning.

Completed June 21, 1906, Fort Wright’s Building #209 was one of the original buildings on Silver Eel Cove, ready to accept cargo from the U.S. Army supplying Fort Wright’s operation on Fishers Island.

Building #209 c1940 (Click to enlarge)

According to the War Department’s Q.M.C. Form No. 117 it included these specifications:
• Designation of building: Mine Storage
• Capacity: 116,920 cu. ft.
• Total cost: $29,000.
• Material: Brick walls; Concrete foundation; Slate roof
• Total floor area above basement: 11,692 Sq. Ft.
• Size: 205’x30’ (no wings, no basement)
• Individual plant was heated with steam

In recent times Building#209 has served as the Fishers Island Ferry District’s freight building with adjacent spaces, mostly the 1st/main floor, rented to Island contractors.

As the housing crisis on Fishers continues, Walsh Park’s board was looking for alternative possibilities and the Ferry District commissioners were looking for ‘best use of space’ for the 2nd floor. It became a perfect match in 2017 when ideas and conversations became a reality.

Walsh Park Ferry Building Project

And now for a new beginning for Building #209

The space July 7, 2017
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After much planning with architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, fundraising by the Walsh Park board, and permitting through the Town of Southold, BD Remodeling & Restoration began the physical work in July 2019. The former Mine Storage facility will be transformed into a gracious home with 3 2-bedroom and 3 1-bedroom apartments. They will all face north to Connecticut from a common hallway on the south side of the building’s 2nd floor. Accessible by elevator and stairs, the plans take advantage of existing window openings and original building ceiling bracing which will most likely be left exposed wherever possible.

The space July 17, 2019
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August 1, 2019: Roof work begins. Photo Credit: Tamara Leuchtenburg


August 13, 2019: A last look at the cleared space before the walls begin to go up. Photo credit: Mark Richards, BD Senior Project Manager

The roof removal August 1, 2019
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Craig Schultz and crew dismantled the replacement roof and exposed the original concrete gutter system including the troughs and drain holes. These original gutters will be utilized again with trough linings and new drain pipes on the exterior.

The space August 15, 2019
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With the completion of the interior ceiling insulation, and the buckled flooring removed, the utilities in the works, it was time for a photo update. 

The space September 17, 2019
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Check back for more updates with photos on the progress.

Photo Credit: Jane T. Ahrens (unless otherwise noted)

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