Switching into High School Mode at FI School: Science, History, English, & Spanish

By Fishers Island School Seniors Betsy C., Jade R., and David S.

High school faculty members were interviewed about the things they are most excited for with the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

In science, Mrs. Giles jumped right into this school year by bringing her Oceanography students snorkeling at Hay Harbor. With over 30 years of experience and established connections within the island community, Giles often expands the walls of her classroom to include facets of Fishers Island in her curriculum. She believes in hard work and discipline and spends countless hours preparing lessons to ensure the students at Fishers Island School receive the best education they can.

Fishers Island School’s history teacher, Mr. George, was most excited about reconnecting with his 7th – 12th grade students at the start of this school year. According to Mr. George, teaching gives him a feeling of hope for the future. A key part of his history class is discussing student views of current events and politics and preparing young adults to become active citizens beyond Fishers Island School.

Spanish Teacher, Ms. Anifantakis, energetically explained how she is very excited about planning the school trip to Spain. Although it is a lot of work to plan, Ms. Anifantakis believes that it is all worth it because shes loves seeing the excitement from the students. Upper-level Spanish students will travel to Spain in February 2020.

Ms. Hall was once again impressed by her 7th-12th grade English students as they switched from summer to school-mode so quickly during their summer reading presentations. During her interview, she stated, “It sometimes feels as though we haven’t left the classroom for those couple of months — they just snap right back into it!” Outside of the classroom, Ms. Hall is incredibly excited for the 2019 drama production and is proud to have almost 70% of Fishers Island High School students involved with drama in some way.

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