Sushi Joe, A Viking Voyage

‘Sushi Joe’ aka Joe Brock made a special visit to the Fishers Island School with his wife Tracy, taking an opportunity to show the lower school students how he makes sushi, a favorite Japanese delight.  Joe demonstrated the process, starting with the Nori seaweed ‘paper’, he explained how to make sticky rice and had the children select what they wanted in each roll including choices of asparagus, avocado, cucumber and mango.  With condiments of soy sauce and wasabi available, and chopsticks in hand, the children had a chance to taste a couple rolls of their choice – some for the first time.

Asked how he learned how to make the dish Joe said, “I watched the professional sushi chefs carefully, asked many questions and practice as often as possible.” A good lesson to find and perfect any passion.

What is a Viking Voyage?
A Viking Voyage is a chance to explore learning topics beyond the school curriculum.  A Viking Voyage could be a guest speaker at Fishers Island School, a trip to Hungry Point to see a rare beached whale, or a field trip to an arts studio.  Viking Voyages represent Type I experiences in the School-wide Enrichment Model program.

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