Suffolk County EOC Update/Situation Report

Incident: COVID 19 Situation Report:
Reporting Agency: Suffolk County Emergency Operations Center
EOC Manager: Ed Schneyer
Date & Time Period Reported: March 27, 2020 – 1900 hours


    Confirmed Cases: 101,657 vs. 82,404  3/26/20
    Deaths: 1,581 vs. 1,178  3/26/20
    Confirmed Cases: 44,876 vs. 37,802  3/26/20
    Deaths: 527 vs. 385  3/26/20
    Confirmed Cases: 3,385 vs. 2,735  3/26/20
    Hospitalized: 331 vs. 287  3/26/20

Current SUFFOLK COUNTY Situation as of 13:15 3/27/20:
Total Cases: 3,385
New today: 650
Start of day: 2,735
Township: Missing addresses including those not in CRM (175 records)
Township: Babylon (424 records)
Township: Brookhaven (452 records)
Township: East Hampton (20 records)
Township: Huntington (594 records)
Township: Islip (662 records)
Township: Riverhead (56 records)
Township: Shelter Island (1 records)
Township: Smithtown (157 records)
Township: Southampton (65 records)
Township: Southold* (129 records)
N/A: (175 records)
Total In CRM (3,385 records)
Please note: All available data has been entered into CRM. Our team is working on inputting missing patients and identifying missing addresses. Our next report will be tomorrow at 1:15PM, which will be the only daily report going forward.
*Includes all the Hamlets of the Town of Southold
**Please note due to the nature of this event, numbers may change rapidly


  • Suffolk EOC will operate at a Level 3 from 0800hr -2000hr-7 days/wk.
  • ESF 3, ESF 5, ESF 7, ESF 8, ESF13, SC Sheriffs’ representatives staffing the EOC.
  • Scheduling staff for EOC operation through Sunday  3/29/20.

FEDERAL:            Yes
NEW YORK STATE:            Yes
SUFFOLK COUNTY:           Yes
TOWNSHIPS: Riverhead, Southold, Shelter Island, Babylon, Islip, Southampton, Easthampton, Huntington, Brookhaven,
VILLAGES: Babylon, Bellport, Easthampton, Greenport, Islandia, Lake Grove, Lindenhurst, Northhaven, Northport, Patchogue, Poquott, Port Jefferson, Quogue, Sagaponack, Sag Harbor, Westhampton Beach,

FIRE DISTRICTS:  Hampton Bays, Patchogue

Numerous EMERGENCY ORDERS have been issued.
Please see the 311 FAQ’s for a list of EMERGENCY ORDERS as of 26MAR20 in effect as well as a comprehensive list of Covid-19 related information.


  • 0800 hrs – FRES Staff Update Conf Call
  • 0845 hrs – OEM Update Conference Call
  • 1100 hrs – NYS DHSES Medical Supply CC
  • 1130 hrs – Public Assistance – CC
  • 1215 hrs – MAC CC
  • 1600 hrs – SC Towns/Villages CC
  • 1700 hrs – SC Legis CC
  • 1900 hrs – FRES – Webinar for Fire/EMS agencies


  • The US passed China in confirmed cases of Covid-19 China’s confirmed number of cases is 81,782 the US has a confirmed number of 92,238.
  • New York has increased its testing capacity to 16,000 a day as of Monday (3/23) from testing 1,000 people a day ten days ago.
  • New York National Guard currently has 1,800 personnel on mission across New York State to support state, local, and county government. The National Guard is activated in 32 states, providing medical testing, assessments, logistics, planning and liaison support.
    o   To date, more than 10,000 National Guard troops have activated to help with testing and other response efforts.
  • 30,000 retired doctors and healthcare workers have volunteered to support COVID 19 healthcare service needs.
  • NY, NJ, CT, and PA Governors announced a regional unified effort towards containment strategy.
  • Suffolk – predicting a peak in confirmed cases in 21 days from 3/25/20
  • LIRR – Reducing their service schedule starting today – Approx. 65% reduction
  • Governor Cuomo states NYS will need 30K additional hospital beds as surge peaks in a few weeks.
  • The food industry reports there are no interruptions in the food supply chain.
  • Vendors exploiting opportunities through price gouging are being forwarded for potential investigation.
  • The 1000 Bed Military Hospital Ship (USNS Comfort) is scheduled to be operational in NYC Monday, March 30, 2020 and operational by April 4, 2020 to support NYC.
  • To date, more than 552,000 tests have been performed for COVID-19 in state and local public health and commercial laboratories throughout the U.S.
  • Jacob Javits Center in NYC is being built out to hold 3,000 beds for non-COVID patients.
  • White House officials have advised anyone who has traveled from New York within the past 14 days to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • The state of Hawaii and the state of Alaska has announced that all travelers entering from the rest of the United States will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for anyone traveling to the state of Florida from the New York Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut).
  • To further protect the health and safety of PSEG-Long Island employees, contractors and customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, they have enacted additional precautions and contingencies. While the majority of their operations have remained intact, they have instituted a variety of changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak relative to their customers including:
    • Suspended service shutoffs to residential customers during this pandemic, and field collections has been actively turning back on all customers that were cut off since November;
    • Suspended some non-essential work, such as reading an inside meter (those customers will receive an estimated read) and new business upgrades where entry into an occupied building is required;
    • PSEG Long Island has determined it is in the public interest to temporarily defer service visits inside customer premises by all vendors/contractors implementing residential and commercial efficiency programs.


  • Recommend organizers cancel in-person events throughout the U.S.
  • Guidance has been distributed to funeral homes.
  • The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath.
  • Seek medical care. Call ahead before you go to the doctor’s office or emergency room.
  • Avoid close contact with others.
  • Clean your hands often.
  • Stay at home if you are sick.
  • Clean & Disinfect for US Households with Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Suffolk County FRES in partnership with Suffolk County EMS will be providing a weekly Webinar for first responders beginning tonight at 7PM. The goal is to provide this important community with updated accurate information, receive feedback from the provider, support those in the field and disseminate unified messages. Topics included on the Webinars include:

  • Recommended Best Practices for agencies during the pandemic
  • Infection Control Practices (Personal Protective Equipment –PPE)
  • Medical & Pandemic response guideline
  • Cardiac Arrest Response guidelines

IMAT Planning Section has been established. See Incident Action Plan for complete details.


  •  44 Staff assigned: 1 Logistics Chief; I Deputy Logistics Chief, 42 resource management staff, including Health, Sheriff’s, Parks, DPW, SCPD and Probation.
  • 834 requests for supplies are currently in the system.
  • The most critical requests are N95 masks, swabs & test kits, and ventilators.
  • Many of the resource requests have been partially completed. We are waiting on supplies from NYS.
  • Hand sanitizer and other medical supplies continue to be distributed to various agencies.
  • Volunteer Resources-CERT Members assisted making phone calls to organizations scheduled to pick up supplies from the POD today and tomorrow morning.
  • Fire and EMS agencies and Health care Facilities were notified today to pick up their supplies by Saturday afternoon.

OPERATIONS (POD Distribution)

  • Supply POD established at FRES to distribute supplies.  The POD is designated as the Operations Section of Logs. 20 personnel assigned. Starting 3/27/2020 the POD will operate from 0900-1600 hours.
  • As of Wednesday, March 26, 2020 PM; the FRES POD has distributed to agencies, to date 1,129,872 pieces have been distributed.

 Donation Management

  • Two additional Donation POD’s being established in addition to the Suffolk County Fire Academy location, one in Commack DPW yard; one in Westhampton DPW Yard.  All Donation sites are being staffed by employees and volunteers.
  • To expedite the processing of donations and potential vendors Department of Information Technology created
  • Suffolk County has established an email address for potential private businesses to submit offerings of building space / lodging.  The email address has an automatic reply providing interested parties with a link to spec sheets of what space we are looking for.


  • Suffolk Residents Can Now Text COVIDSUFFOLK to 67283 for latest developments and guidance. This capability has prompted 36K residents to register for SMART911.
  • 311 continues receiving a high volume of calls  (8:30A-4:30P). Additionally, FRES receiving an average of 40 calls during the EOC operational period (8 A-8 P).


  • Blu-Med tents were set-up and operating at Stony Brook University as of 11AM 3/24/20. Tents are functioning as a triage facility.
  • Suffolk County Drive-Thru testing/swabbing site at Stony Brook opened at noon 3/18/20. The site is open from 7AM-7PM, 7 days/week. No walks up; by appointment only.
  • 10,960 Tests completed in Suffolk County
  • NYS established a phone number for testing appointments in the drive-thru test site 1-888-364-3065.
  • Hospitals have identified forward triage areas for Suffolk County patients.
  • Efforts focused on increasing hospital surge capacity by repurposing specialty units in medical facilities.
  • As of 1800 hrs. 3/27/20 (County wide ):
    o   Hospitals: ICU beds in county: 309               ICU beds available: 78
  • We are in constant communication with hospital emergency managers to stay situationally aware of their resource needs.
  • Ventilators are the critical resource needed to expand bed capacity in hospitals and alternate temporary surge facilities. 165 ventilators have been requested through NYS; a delivery has been approved for 25.
  • NYS DOH guidance for PSAP’s has been distributed by FRES to all PSAP’s in Suffolk.
  • NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services has established the EMS Viral Pandemic Triage Protocol.  This protocol documents a screening process and flow chart to enable EMS responders to assess the patient and determine the level of PPE required to enter the home and to care for the patient.  In addition this protocol also determines whether the patient should be transported or to self-isolate at home.


  • The office of the Suffolk County Executives Office will be coordinating a conference call on Monday 3/30/20 for all the towns and villages in regards to federal reimbursement and expense tracking.
  • SC Dept. of Economic Development established a Business Resource Unit and placed a questionnaire on the County website to assist business partners.
  • FEMA Public Assistance Program COVID-19 Emergency Declaration
    o   NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services (DHSES) conducted a Webinar explaining the process for reimbursement of FEMA-eligible expenditures incurred as a result of the COVID-19 virus. This Public Assistance grant covers wide-ranging materials expended and response activities covered under Category B Emergency Protective Measures. DHSES indicated, unlike previous public assistance pursuits, there is no need for a preliminary damage assessment (PDA) as the process to reimbursement applicants is on fast track.


  • Worldwide death toll 27K, with 591K confirmed cases.
  • Worldwide travel restrictions have been implemented with several countries in lockdown.
  • 32 states have activated National Guards to assist in the response efforts.


  • Focusing on community mitigation approach to contain the virus.
  • Mitigation efforts will be to only quarantine symptomatic patients.
  • Providing situational awareness to entire response community.


  • Approval has been granted to distribute expired N95 mask supplies; in progress.
  • Awaiting additional critical medical supply deliveries from New York State.
  • World-wide shortage of necessary medical supplies.
  • Exploring potential need for surge expansion of beds for hospitalized cases using non-medical buildings. Facilities being surveyed include vacant space in Suffolk Community College, Foley Nursing Home, PODS in jails, Mercy High School, Walmart and Gabreski Airport.
  • Forecasting a nationwide need for more hospital staff and temporary hospital facilities. Worst case scenario estimates of surge capacity needed are for 53K to 110K beds needed in NY State. Those scenario projections work out to about 600K infected people in Suffolk County.
  • Suffolk County evaluating a number schools to establish first responder child care.


Edward C. Schneyer
Director of Emergency Preparedness
Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services
Office Phone:  631-852-4904
Office Fax:  631-852-4922
Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management

John Bergquist
Fishers Island Emergency Management Director

*Updates will be posted as they come in daily.

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