Special Message from IHP 13OCT20 #19

October 13, 2020

Dear Fishers Island Community,

This letter provides another update on recent COVID-19 related events, further to the letter sent to the community last evening.

As of today, Tuesday, October 13, there are a total of two individuals who received positive COVID diagnostic test results in the last two days. These cases are not related to each other and appear to have emanated from separate sources. There is also one additional symptomatic case, spouse to the most recent positive, who is being tracked. All are doing well.

The immediate contact tracing efforts of the IHP office personnel performed on Monday identified 22 direct contacts of the initial positive case, nine of whom remain on the island, and 13 who have left the island. All have been contacted as of today and are now under strict 14-day quarantine orders. Follow-up testing is being performed for all such individuals, including the initial positive case.

The IHP office is now engaged in contact tracing for the second case and symptomatic individual isolating together. Based on initial identification, we believe there are 17 direct contacts for the second positive case. All such direct contacts and contacts of the symptomatic spouse will be informed by my office today and will be subject to appropriate quarantines.

These latest new positive cases on the island illustrate that our community must remain vigilant and adherent to protocols. The IHP system works as designed and requires that we all follow it. As we have consistently advised, stay distanced, wear a mask, wash your hands.

As we saw with the most recent positive case, testing turnaround is taking longer through all branches of the Yale New Haven Health System. In this second individual’s case, it took over 3 days for the result to come back. If you have recently had a COVID test but have not yet received your test result, you must treat yourself as if you are positive. You must take personal responsibility to not risk exposing others.

Please help us. If you were on the island this past weekend, or you are in residence here, please be sure to fill out the simple Fishers Island Fall COVID-19 Census Form HERE. If everyone on the island participates in this census, it will make our jobs much easier if we need to contact you for any reason. The information remains confidential to the Doctor’s Office.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out via email to symptomtracker@fiihp.net​ or ​mecky@fiihp.net​. With your help, we can continue to protect the Fishers Island community.

Thank you for your help with this.

People in quarantine:​ ~ 52 (as of 10/13/20); 25 from 1st case; 27 from 2nd case
Number of positive cases: ​2 (as of 10/13/20); 1 of which is symptomatic; Individuals remain on Island
Number of additional symptomatic individuals:​ 1 (as of 10/13/20). Individual remains on Island

Yours In Health,


Dr. Christopher Ingram
Physician in Residence, Fishers Island

Our guidance is this:

  • ISOLATION means that positive cases and their families are strictly isolated to their houses, and to rooms within houses, to limit intra-family spread. Nobody from that household should be out for 14 days.
  • QUARANTINE means you should not leave your property, cannot go inside the stores or post office, and should not interact with others.
  • Read these step-by-step, do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions for getting enrolled with IHP and MyChart, tested, and “with the program!”
  • Please test off-Island with YNHH on your way here, if you can – we will help you arrange. Test results are now taking 2-4 days, so please isolate while waiting for your results.
  • Re-test if you think you are at risk or if your result is out of date – but do it soon!
  • Continue social distancing and good hygiene, stay within your known cohorts, as you have been.
  • Seasonal residents should try to get flu shots off-Island, although we will gear up for more requests than usual (in a normal year, we do about 100).

Resources: To find all the FI information, please visit this link: COVID-19
As always, do not hesitate to call or text Dr. Ingram at 917-903-3516 if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and need medical advice.

Contact tracing team: FICOVID@FIIHP.NET
Island Health Project (IHP): IHP office, MyChart or ordering a test follow the DIY instructions first, then call the 631-788-7244 or email dianna.shillo@lmhosp.org.

Join us for the ICB Annual Meeting
Tuesday, October 13 @5:00 pm by Zoom for all community members.
Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85309287899
Meeting ID: 853 0928 7899
Passcode: same as last

To be added to the email list for future meetings, or to submit questions, please contact ficommunityboard@gmail.com. Your voice matters and we want to hear and respond to your concerns.
Previous meeting recordings may be found here: https://fishersisland.net/about-fishers-island/island-community-board/

Link to Letter #19

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