Southold Democratic Candidates To Visit Fishers Island Community Center

Sarah Nappa, Greg Doroski and Bob Hanlon will visit Fishers Island on Saturday, October 12th to get to Know You Better.

Three candidates on the Democratic slate for the upcoming November election are visiting Fishers Island on Saturday, October 12th. They are Greg Doroski, candidate for Town Supervisor, along with Sarah Nappa and Bob Hanlon, both running for Town Board seats. Come meet and greet them at the Fishers Island Community Center on the Second Floor before the ICB Meeting starts, or after the meeting. They will be at the Community Center from 3:00 pm on, and will stay for the meeting to get a sense of current island concerns.


Greg Doroski

Greg Doroski for Southold Town Supervisor

Greg is a successful businessperson, father, and husband with deep roots in Southold. He has the experience to reform our local government and a vision to preserve the future of our home. Greg will:

  • Fight for good jobs and housing opportunities
  • Protect and enrich our unique environment
  • Bring fresh new ideas and new energy to solving old problems
  • Keep taxes low
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Sarah Nappa

Sarah Nappa for Southold Town Council

Sarah is a mom of two, farmer, small-business owner, chef and wine professional, and former teacher. Sarah will:

  • Protect our environment, water and open space from residential development
  • Promote the viability of our economy, small businesses and small farms that define our rural character
  • Preserve the farm with the farmer
  • Produce results and bring civility back to Town Hall
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Bob Hanlon

Bob Hanlon for Southold Town Council

Bob is a Fire commissioner, and has served for decades as a Civic Leader, Government Policy Director, and a teacher. Bob:

  • Stopped the rerouting of I-85 truck traffic through Southold and recovered over $70,000 in cell tower fees owed to the Fire District
  • Will protect our aquifer, bays and the Sound; first step: mandate innovative wastewater systems in new construction
  • Will plan to manage growth and change, involve all interested parties, and not just react to the latest crisis
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The candidates want to hear from you and learn more about the concerns of islanders.

Please come to the Community Center Saturday, October 12th to meet them and discuss the issues that are important to you.

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