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Race Rock Light Station as Historic Landmark

“I can’t think of anything we could do that would be more significant,” said maritime society director Susan Tamulevich. “It’s a lighthouse with an important function and history. It’s one really worthy of recognition because of the dedication of numerous keepers.”

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Letter to the Editor: Waste Management Election

November 22, 2016 To the electorate of Fishers Island, Ann Banks is running for a second term as a Fishers Island Waste Management Commissioner. Under Ann’s leadership as Chairperson of the Board, we have moved forward toward getting our house in better order than it has been since I have been on the board. Her hand has been steady on the …

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Seeing Beyond Exclusive, Catching the Elusive

LATEST FIELD NOTES By Island Naturalist Justine Kibbe Nov 06, 2016 SEEING BEYOND EXCLUSIVE, CATCHING THE ELUSIVE Published in The Day, November 6, 2016 It was the “Autumn of our content” with foliage reminding me of the best of a preschooler’s sponge paintings; the coral, reds, and orange that blend together so magically. Nor did it appear an illusion, the …

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