Say good bye to your unwanted vehicles –
Ferry District offers free passage

The Ferry District’s free passage offer to transport any unwanted, unregistered or junk vehicles off the island was a successful test in 2018 and a good effort again in 2019. The value of the free passage was just over $5000 in 2018. 21 vehicles were removed in 2019 at a free passage value totaling $4490 – another good effort to rid the Island of unsightly junker vehicles.

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FEBRUARY 15 to MARCH 15, 2020
Fishers Island Ferry District
is offering free travel off the Island
for any junk vehicles.

NO CHARGE for travel to or from the island when an abandoned vehicle is carried. Includes driver and vehicle doing the towing.

This is a community service effort provided by the Ferry to assist those who may have vehicles that are unregistered and/or are no longer in working condition and are just stuck on the island.

Here are some ground rules:

  • Eligible vehicles: Any abandoned, unregistered, ‘dead’, cars, trucks, vans, etc. stuck on the Island.
  • Reservations Required
  • Free passage includes the tow truck and driver coming from the mainland to pick up your unwanted vehicle. Reservations required.
  • Free passage includes an island vehicle with driver towing or carrying an unwanted vehicle off the island and needing to return. Reservations required.
  • Travel must be coordinated with the Ferry District’s Commercial Reservation Desk by calling 860-442-0165. (Ferry Reservation, vehicle, and driver will be free of charge!)
  • Reservations for paying commercial customers will take priority over unwanted/ junk car reservations.
  • All vehicles will be inspected prior to getting on the ferry for leaking fluids. Leakers will be rejected.
  • Manually pushing a vehicle onto the ferry, or manually pushing a vehicle off, is not allowed.
  • Unwanted vehicles may not be left at either Ferry Terminal unattended.

Please take advantage of this opportunity and let’s get rid of our Island’s junk vehicles.

Contact suggestions for removal information:

David Banks
Vintage Iron
(860) 857-6076

Denis Grebe
Goose Island
(631) 788-7311

Joe Perry
Z&S Contracting
(401) 741-5252

Shultz Roofing

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