Reiki at the Community Center this Summer

Reiki is an ancient healing modality originally documented in 2500 year-old Sanskrit sutras. Reiki practitioners can help your body heal itself by simply making more life energy available to the body (see charts below). During a Reiki session, you sit or lie on a massage table, fully clothed and covered with a sheet and/or blankets, and a practitioner lightly rests his or her hands on (or hovers them over) various parts of your body.  Your body takes in Reiki energy and uses it where it is needed. It can be very effective in reducing inflammation, speeding healing, lessening anxiety and providing relief from pain. Today, more than 60 U.S. hospitals have adopted Reiki as part of patient services, according to a UCLA study, and Reiki education is offered at 800 hospitals.

Audrey Ludemann has been practicing Reiki since 2008 when Reiki Master, Libby Barnett (from Kripalu in New Hampshire), came to Fishers Island through the Union Chapel to offer Reiki I and II.  Audrey has since received her Reiki Master and is currently committed to a year-long course of study to receive her Reiki Master Teacher, the highest certification offered.  Audrey finds the modality a remarkably effective complementary medicine and can administer it to animal as well as human patients.

Audrey is offering 30-minute Reiki sessions this summer at the Fishers Island Community Center. Please check the Community Center website for booking information.

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