Do you Vote on Fishers Island?

Please consider this!

Register to Vote on Fishers Island
Where your vote will be critical this November 3
for electing the NY #1 Congressional District representative plus additional officeholders who affect Fishers Island.

Find the printable
Voter Registration Form here, deadline October 9: fillable.pdf

Note Questions 15:

☐ I need to apply for an Absentee ballot.
☐ I would like to be an Election Day worker.

It will be possible to vote by mail.

You need to apply for the absentee ballot ahead of time,
then the BOE sends you your official ballot in the mail.
The Absentee Ballot Application Deadline is October 27

Learn more here:

Find the link to the Application for an absentee ballot here:
August 20, 2020
As we prepare for the upcoming 2020 election, it is critical we protect the most fundamental cornerstone of our democracy—the right to vote. Today, I signed legislation that ensures every registered New Yorker has options on how to vote in November in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation signed into law today also takes steps to ensure that every vote is counted. Starting today, all registered voters can request an absentee ballot if they are concerned about COVID.
All Boards of Elections in New York State must count: All ballots postmarked on or before Election Day (November 3rd) and received within seven days after Election Day. All ballots without a postmark received on November 4th (the day after Election Day). These measures are critical to a full and fair election at one of the most important moments in our nation’s history. We are removing barriers to democracy and will make it easier for all New Yorkers to exercise their right to vote this November. You can vote early in-person, you can vote on Election Day or you can vote using an absentee ballot. Whatever you do, don’t miss your chance to make your voice heard.
If you were forwarded this email, you can subscribe to New York State’s Coronavirus Updates here.
Ever Upward, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo


Want to learn even more?
Volunteer to be a paid Poll Worker on Election Day at Polling Place #1.

We need more poll workers too!

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