Recreational Path Foundation November 2019 Update

Dear Fishers Islanders,

After five years of waiting for collaboration between the Navy and the town of Southold and with the help of several Friends of the Path, we are finally seeing “light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Navy has designated Cornelia Mueller from its staff in Newport to work with us and the team in Southold to create a plan for eventual construction of the Path extension along the Navy fence from Wilderness Point road to the 4th tee at Hay Harbor. Most recently, Southold has requested an easement from the Navy, marking the official start of this long awaited project.

It is difficult to predict how long the process will take and even more difficult to accurately estimate total construction costs but because we are now confident that the Path extension will become a reality, it is time to address the potential cost as well as the necessity to launch a fund drive.

Three years ago, it was estimated the extension would cost approximately $500,000. Now with ferry costs higher and requirements that the ‘prevailing wage’ must be paid on government property, it is likely the construction cost could be $650,000.  In addition, we will be responsible for maintenance of the Path extension and are now spending 40,000 dollars annually for maintenance of the existing Path. We have decided to add another $350,000 to our campaign target.

Since Southold is (unfortunately) not paying for this extension, we need to raise $1 million.

Between the 1,300 stickered bicycles and the numerous daily pedestrians, the Path has become a mainstay for recreational life on Fishers. We believe strongly that this extension with a berm is necessary given numerous reports of frequent speeding on this part of the road. We are not waiting for an accident to confirm this.

Please contribute and encourage family and friends as well.

Many thanks for your support in advance and  Happy  Thanksgiving! Pledge forms attached.

John McGillian
Fishers Island Recreational Path Foundation

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