Peter Rugg

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Commissioner: Fishers Island Ferry District

Senior Warden: St. John’s Episcopal Church
Director: ICB (Island Community Board)
Director: FICA (Fishers Island Community Association)
Commodore: FIYC (Fishers Island Yacht Club)

When did you first arrive on Island?
1967, when I met the girl who agreed to marry me. In 1970 I was sailing instructor at Fishers Island Yacht Club. Then came with my children and bought our first house in 1984.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?
Sail, walk or veg out in winter. Visit and entertain friends.

About your job:
I am part of the leadership of a board level executive services firm, and lead an investment partnership.

What does Fishers mean to you?

The best place in the world to be with family. A community that works hard to be unique and special where we must concentrate on affordable housing, healthcare, and education for the year round community.

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