NYS Dept of State Public Notice re: Electric Boat dredging disposal at ELDS

The NY DOS  is looking for comments from the public on the dumping of dredge spoils by General Dynamics-Electric Boat at the open water site near Fishers Island, NY

New York State Department of State
Public Notice F-2019-0672
Date of Issuance – October 30, 2019 

The New York State Department of State (DOS) is required by Federal regulations to provide timely public notice for the activities described below, which are subject to the consistency provisions of the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended.

The applicant has certified that the proposed activity complies with and will be conducted in a manner consistent with the approved New York State Coastal Management Program. The applicant’s consistency certification and accompanying public information and data are available for inspection at the New York State Department of State offices located at One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, in Albany, New York. The applicant’s consistency certification and supporting information are also available electronically at: http://www.dos.ny.gov/opd/programs/pdfs/Consistency/F-2019-0672-ElectricBoatConsistencyCertification.pdf 

In F-2019-0672, General Dynamics-Electric Boat Corporation (Electric Boat), Thames River, 75 Eastern Point Road, Groton, CT; The applicant is proposing to perform significant infrastructure improvements at the existing facility. The description submitted states “As part of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP), Electric Boat intends to implement modifications to the existing in-water and terrestrial infrastructure in the South Yard area to accommodate the US Navy’s plan to design and build a new class of ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), the COLUMBIA class. In-water activities involve dredging an estimated 984,000 cubic yards (cy) of sediment from the South Yard to support a floating dry dock submersion basin, berthing of support and transport vessels, and staging of a floating dry dock that will accommodate the larger COLUMBIA class submarines.”

On June 6,2019 the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and US Environmental Protection Agency USEPA) issued a Suitability Determination finding that 890,000 cubic yards of dredged sediment from the South Yard was suitable for open-water disposal at the Eastern Long Island Sound Disposal Site (ELDS) under USACE application no. NAE-2017-02739. The remaining 94,000 cy of dredged material was determined to be unsuitable for open-water placement and will be placed at an upland location. The ELDS is located in Long Island Sound and is a 1nautical mile (nmi) x 1.5 nmi irregularly shaped polygon located at a center point of 41.27184N; -72.10375W. More information regarding this site can be found at: https://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Missions/Disposal-Area-Monitoring-System-DAMOS/Disposal-Sites/ or at: https://www.epa.gov/ocean-dumping/dredged-material-management-long-island-sound.

Any interested parties and/or agencies desiring to express their views concerning the above proposed activities may do so by filing their comments, in writing, no later than 4:30 p.m., 30 days from the date of publication of this notice, or, by Friday, November 29, 2019. 

Comments should be addressed to the New York State Department of State, ATTN: Consistency Review Unit, One Commerce Plaza, Suite 1010, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12231. Telephone (518) 474-6000; Fax (518) 473-2464. Comments can also be submitted electronically via e-mail at: CR@dos.ny.gov. Please include the file no. F-2019-0672 in your submission.

This notice is promulgated in accordance with Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 930.

[FI.net Editor’s Note: Received & Posted November 6, 2019]

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