Nature Days COVID Edition: A PARTIAL look at 7 weeks of Coastal Debris

49 days = 7 weeks = 1 Summer week, 2 Fall weeks, 2 Winter weeks & 2 Spring weeks

Due to the pandemic, the Fishers Island Conservancy was unable to hold the annual Nature Days event live and in-person on the Parade Ground. So the Coastal Debris exhibit is brought to you online here and on the Conservancy’s Facebook page, search @FishersIslandConservancy.

Thank you to Michele Klimczak and her small team for all the work they continue to do endlessly and year-round, to keep Fishers Island’s many beaches and coves clear of all the coastal debris that finds its way to our Island shores.

No matter how you count it – it is too much!
Please click on each picture to see a larger version and scroll through.

Quantity Items Lb. Weight
9 Plastic Pails
51 Gloves 6
52 Hats
57 Bait Bags
80 Dental Flossers
134 Plastic Car Parts
136 Plastic Rings
146 Plastic Lids 4
161 Lobster Pot Plastic Parts
231 Balls assorted 74
241 Tennis Balls 33
290 Plastic Toys 17 (2 photos)
355 Golf Balls 52
377 Cigar Tips
504 Plastic & Styrofoam cups (2 photos)
685 Mylar & Latex Balloons
1188 Shot Gun Shell Casings 10
Rubber Tire Pieces 112
Cellophane Food/Snack Packaging 19
Syringes/Drug sampling
4697 327

For more on Coastal Debris and how you can help,
please visit the Fishers Island Conservancy website HERE

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