Mystic Isle Realty Thoughts for Summer 2020

May 1, 2020

Happy May Day,

My thought for the Summer of 2020 on Fishers is one of “cautious optimism” and I say this by watching how the island has responded for the last 45+ days. Many people and groups, with special thanks to ICB and IHP who have risen to the challenge with their guidance, advice, and solutions for our small community. At this point, I estimate we have 750+ people currently living on the Island and in my opinion, these people are doing a great job following the protocol advised by Dr. Chris Ingram of the IHP with the assistance of the ICB.

In addition, The Bloethes of The Village Market have been outstanding and set up a system of curbside pick-up which has been a lot of extra work for their staff, but vital for the year-round and seasonal community by allowing them to remain “on Island” and avoid trips to the mainland. The Ferry, Waste Management, Post Office, Fire Department, and retail shops have also adapted their policies and will continue to do so on a daily basis.

The big concern at this point is how to stay safe with the reality that we will have more people arriving on Island. I sincerely hope and expect that the current people on Island will “lead by example” and tell their families and friends what to expect and how to responsibly social distance. I don’t anticipate this summer to be the typical social experience we are use to – things will be different. As to the clubs it is my understanding that they will be open, albeit in some very diminished capacity, which will be outlined by each club as timing gets closer to the summer months. The Pequot will be open and plans to offer takeout food and drinks. So, enjoy your property, go for long walks, take advantage of the HLFM extensive trail system and simply be wise and respectful of all your island neighbors. It’s a great time to be “social” with nature.

As far as the rental market, we have had many conversations with owners and tenants, and each situation is unique. There have been a few leases that were cancelled with mutual agreement on all sides, others wish to extend their rentals and stay longer, and many remain unchanged. Our advice is to give us a call if you have questions regarding your unique situation. I am working on Rental Protocol and Cleaning guidelines and will make this available to the ICB in the near future.

Last night, thanks to the support of one of our close Island neighbors, our family enjoyed a lobster / scallop dinner which was just delicious, a positive sign that summer is indeed coming. On a side note, my father is safe and has been in southern Virginia since mid-March and he hopes to come to FI at the end of the month.

If you have any questions please call or email anyone at Mystic Isle.

All the best, Jim Reid

Jim Reid – 860.885.9880

Bagley Reid – 516.606.5647

Ace Ahrens – 203.613.7181

Meg Atkin – 203.470.3622


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