Milkweed for Monarchs

Monarch and milkweed by Justine Kibbe

To the Fishers Island Community,

Help the monarchs make a comeback! As you know, the population of this butterfly has dwindled in the past 20 years to a fraction of what it once was due to the many forces at work destroying the one plant its caterpillars need to eat and grow — milkweed. Yet we can plant this wildflower in our yards and help the monarchs that live on our island to thrive.

Milkweed seed packets are now available for free at Union Chapel.  For best results open the packet now and sprinkle the seeds between two moist paper towels, and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a month.  This imitates winter for them.  In one month’s time, plant them in little pots indoors according to instructions on the packet.

8/18/18: Monarch caterpillar by Jane Crary

Milkweed can take sun or shade.  It is a tall, leafy plant with pretty round aggregate flowers.  Create a patch just for milkweed or let it grow mixed with other local wildflowers in your yard for natural, native beauty!

Check also at our Spring Fair on Memorial Day weekend.  We will have some wildflower seedlings for sale to support all pollinator life.

–  Rev. Candace Whitman

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