Meet the Manager re: FI Ferry Fare Increase Discussion

Ferry ticket price increases take effect on January 1, 2020, and we know you have questions.

The Ferry District offered several informal Meet the Manager meetings at the Fishers Island Terminal waiting room December 4, 6 and 9.

Share your questions and suggestions with Ferry General Manager Geb Cook. He is looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Some of the proposed rate changes are as follows:

Ticket Category Fee Timing
Passenger $10.00 year-round
Vehicle < or = 18’ $25.00 year-round
SR/Child $7.00 year-round
FIS Student $7.00 year-round
Passenger $25.00 year-round
Vehicle < or = 18’ $60.00 year-round
10 pack vehicle tickets $500.00 year-round
SR/Child $18.00 year-round
No Driver fee $15.00 year-round
Reservation Fee each way $10.00 peak
Reservation Fee each way $3.00 off-peak
Commercial and freight rates are not changing

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