Meet Six adorable Afghan puppies

Have you ever considered adopting a puppy?
Have you considered adopting one from a war-torn country?

November 11, 2019
From Sophie Gordon

These puppies are estimated to be about six weeks old and are expected to grow to around 20kg (about 44 lbs). They were found at the HALO Trust Office in Kabul, Afghanistan and have since been moved to Nowzad Shelter, also in Kabul. Information about this shelter can be found here.



Nooriah (Female): She is still very nervous and timid around people, but plays well with her siblings. She will need an owner who is patient, calm and understanding to help her come out of her shell.  Nooriah means Light so she is named after her lovely blue eyes.


Moosh (Male): Moosh is such a cutie. He loves to play with his siblings. Whenever I dropped off their lunch he made sure to come over to me to thank me personally. He was always one of the first to greet me whenever I got to work. At the shelter he is still unsure of humans and will need a patient owner who will put in the time to gain his trust. His name, meaning mouse, is after his cute face and small size.


Zareen (Female): Zareen is still getting used to humans, but she is very sweet and will open up more with a loving owner who shows her how nice humans can be. She loves a good chew toy. Her name Zareen, meaning golden, was inspired by her beautiful golden eyes.


Rocket (Female): This little girl loved to follow me around the garden and take naps in the sun. Now she is at the shelter, she is used to interacting with humans. She is always ready to play, sometimes to the annoyance of her siblings, and cuddle. She loves a good pat on the head. She gets along well with her brothers and sisters. Rocket is named after the HALO Trust’s work with ordinance disposal.


Banu (Female): This cute white pup is one of the leaders of the pack. She is always the first to grab her lunch. She loves napping in the sun and cuddling with her siblings. She is very friendly and comfortable around humans. She loves to play. Her name means lady, reflecting her position as leader of the pack.


Jourob (Male): (ADOPTED) He is by far the friendliest. He bravely marches up to every human he meets to be pet. He loves to play and even gives high fives. He welcomes me at work every morning by running over for a belly rub. His name, Jourob, means “socks” in Dari and references the white markings on his feet that look like socks.

Questions for adopters to ask themselves.

Thank you so much for your interest!  These are just a few questions to make sure the puppies and their adopters are well suited. There are no real wrong answers, it is just good to understand what kind of experience you have. These are important points to consider when adopting a puppy from anywhere!

Once you have your puppy, if at any time you need help with her/him or are overwhelmed, please contact me and I will help or, if you are too overwhelmed, take the dog back.

1.      Do you have a yard? If so is it fenced in?
2.     Have you ever had/ trained a puppy before? If so was s/he a rescue?
3.     How much time will you be able to spend with the puppy on a daily basis?
4.     Do you have any other pets? If so what kind?
5.     Do you know your local vet? Have you ever used them? Are you aware of the costs involved with providing health care for dogs?
6.     Do you have young children?

When you have decided to move forward to adopt Nooriah, Rocket, Zareen, Moosh or Banu (Jourob is already spoken for), please email me and we will start the process. They are the luckiest puppies!

Please contact me, Sophie, at

Q&A with Sophie about adoption

Q&A with Sophie about adoption

Puppies have had their shots due to date?
The puppies have already started getting their first rounds of vaccinations. They will have all their shots by the time they fly to the states and will have paperwork of all their vaccines and treatments. They will be spayed and neutered here in Afghanistan.

Cost to adopt from Nowzad?
The cost of getting them to New York City will be covered, but onward travel will be at the expense of the adopter. There is no adoption fee, however, a donation to Nowzad would be most welcome.

When to expect the pup? I understand they have to be in quarantine (Kennedy Airport or other) for 4 months?
They will fly out of Afghanistan in February. They are currently in quarantine here (this is much nicer than the facilities at JFK) so they will not be in quarantine in the states. Dogs in countries where rabies is present cannot enter the US until they are 4 months old. Therefore the puppies will be just over 4 months when they arrive in the States. They can be picked up right away. I will provide a precise arrival date closer to February. It should be noted that there is only one flight a week that transports animals out of Afghanistan and it often gets canceled at the last minute. So once they have an arrival date it may get delayed.

And just as an aside, is the puppies’ mom coming to the US too or staying in Afghanistan? The mom is staying in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, she is very scared of humans and I have been unable to get close to her (the photos I took of her are the closest I have been to the mom and that was after sitting still for an hour). I still leave food for her which she eats once people have left the compound, hence her name Rooh which means spirit/ghost. I may try to catch her with a large have a heart trap and get her spayed, but I think she is too wild to be adopted. Her puppies are more used to humans and getting more comfortable around people every day. More recently the shy ones have started to relax and now happily sit in my lap. None of them show any signs of aggression they are just scared and shy.

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About Sophie
Working for HALO trust, Sophie Gordon found herself at the compound in Afganistan when a mother and her puppies arrived. Having experience raising dogs and with her command of the local language, she was not only able to save the pups, but arranged to have them cared for at Nowzad Shelter.

Sophie’s family has been coming to Fishers Island for three generations. Her father Dan connected with about the puppies to spread the word about their availability for adoption. In fact, years ago he helped place a dog on Fishers with Eddie Riley! Perhaps the tradition continues.

Sophie added, “HALO trust is a British NGO that clears land mines and explosive remnants of war. HALO trust was founded in Afghanistan in 1988. I discovered the puppies while I was walking around the HALO work compound on my lunch break. I began bringing them food. Once they started to follow me around on my walks, I decided I needed to help them and make sure they live a good life. So I contacted Nowzad and they picked up the puppies the next week.”

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