Summer Shuckers

Summer-Shuckers-Logo-2016-471SQFresh Fishers Island Oysters
Shucked and Served at your Gathering

Summer Shuckers is back in business and ready to shuck!!

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Dear Summer Shucker Customers,

We at Summer Shuckers are excited for another fantastic summer filled with delicious Fishers Island Oysters. A whole new crop of Fishers Island oysters have been filter-feeding and growing too, and are ready to be served on the half shell on ice, and Summer Shuckers is back to serve them to you!

We will be open for business beginning in early June and will continue to shuck at your convenience until late August.

As always, we can provide mignonette, cocktail sauce, mild Tabasco sauce, and lemons.  We also are happy to bring our own table, serving tray for the oysters, and ice.

We can assure you that each oyster will be taken out of the water the morning before serving and that having these fresh shellfish that taste like the water surrounding you will elevate any cocktail party or gathering to the next level.

If you are interested in having Fishers Island oysters at your party or gathering, please email us at to book a time and agree on the perfect amount of oysters!

If you plan to have us shuck at a gathering, please give us at least 72 hours notice.

 We look forward to a great summer.  Please email or call (917-291-0160) us with any questions.
         Walker, Izzie, Buford, and Garnett


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