Ferry Dredge Project Postponed

UPDATE APRIL 3, 2019: The Fishers Island Ferry District Board opened bids for dredging of the channel into Silver Eel Cove. The bids were higher than what was budgeted and were therefore rejected. The Ferry District hopes to rebid the work as a fall 2019 project.


Please be advised that due to the Silver Eel channel dredging project there will be NO parking along the berm (water-side) from Friday, April 5 through Friday, May 31, 2019. We are sorry about this inconvenience.

Alternate parking areas include the east side of Airport Road and the airport parking lot. Overnight and long-term parking areas do not include the roads leading to or from Silver Eel or the staging area. The only exception is parking along the hill in the corner area by corner ramp for those seniors (and others) who require a short walk to the boat.

The channel into Silver Eel Cove is getting too shallow at low tide for the ferries and this will remediate that issue. The last time the channel was dredged was in 1992. Additionally, the dredged material is clean sand which will be dropped and dried on the parking lot north of the USCG station and deployed along and on the waterside berm.

Printable Ferry Parking Map

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