The Last Treasure Hunt: Filming at FI Ferry

The-Last-Treasure-Hunt_Poster-LG-Tall-593x900 The indie film The Last Treasure Hunt will be filming scenes at the Fishers Island Ferry’s New London and Fishers Island terminals, and on the ferry, on May 2 between 8:15 am and 3:00 pm. (The crew is also filming at various Island locations in the coming days.)

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A heartfelt and sometimes comedic story of an estranged brother and sister who must put aside their differences in order to solve an elaborate treasure hunt, left for them in the will of their eccentric father.

We are mainly drawn to indie dramas as adults, but growing up we loved films like The Goonies and Stand By Me. Movies that had adventure and a little bit of magic. This movie aims to combine the elements we now love in character driven dramedies with the magical quality of a good old adventure story. This is a movie that has never been made before.

Oliver and Lucy Sinclair were raised on treasure hunts. Their father would hold a hunt each year, sending his children gallivanting around the house and island to find hidden prizes and secrets. But, like all children do, Oliver and Lucy grew up. After a year of estrangement, their eccentric father unexpectedly passes away, and the two siblings journey back home to put his affairs in order. Oliver leaves behind a very pregnant girlfriend, Susan, and a less than successful small business, while Lucy skips out on her studies, which she is more than happy to do.

After a night of uncomfortable tension, they meet with their father’s lawyer. Instead of being handed a standard will, the two are met with something unexpected… A treasure hunt. Oliver and Lucy discover that they must solve the hunt in order to receive their father’s inheritance. So begins their call to adventure. One last treasure hunt.

As the Sinclairs traverse the island, fighting and finding clues, they’re forced to deal with each other, as well as their personal lives. Oliver bonds with his father’s neighbor and best friend, Gary. Lucy begins an odd romance with a silent island boy, Wilkes. Both of them are tailed by their adorably obnoxious cousin, Alfred, who is constantly hinting at his desire to buy their house.

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A couple snapshots of the filming on Fishers May 2, 2014. (Click on any image to see larger view.)

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