Kicking off the Year with Fishers Island School

By Fishers Island School Seniors Ellanora L., Jack M., Samuel W.
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Art Department: The Dot Project

FIS Student Art Projects Inspired by The Dot

Art students of all ages at the Fishers Island School started the school year with an art project inspired by the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Students were asked to draw their own interpretation of a dot which led to a variety of projects. FIS art teacher, Mrs. Sawyer, discovered the project after meeting the book’s author at the National Art Educators’ Conference, which she attends annually to discover new ideas and projects. She also finds new ideas from other art teachers on social media, as well as her sister, who is also an art teacher.

In addition to whole school projects, Mrs. Sawyer is excited for all of her students taking a variety of art electives, as well as the ongoing work of the Graphic Layout class with the creation of the yearbook and promotional material for the school play this fall.

Music Department: Preparing for the Winter Concert

Mr. Dollar, who heads the Music Department at the Fishers Island School [FIS], has started the year working on music for the winter concert. Students spend months practicing for this show, with both choral and band arrangements, to play for the island community. Selecting music pieces for our students to play is difficult, as Mr. Dollar wants to find challenging music for the upperclassmen, while also making sure it’s easy enough for the underclassmen. Mr. Dollar is currently focusing on getting everyone up to speed and integrating our newest members into one whole group.

Guidance Department: Looking Ahead to the Year and the Future

The bulletin board on display outside the FI School Library

Heading into her third year at Fishers Island School, guidance counselor Julie Arcelus is focused on empowering all of her students. Mrs. Arcelus loves to see kids grow and eventually “leave the coop,” especially because she has a very important role in helping students find what they would like to do after graduating from Fishers Island. This year, she is looking forward to helping the senior class apply to dream jobs and colleges.

One of Mrs. Arcelus’ favorite parts of the job is being able to get to know every student. This year, she is looking to expand career and life guidance to the younger students. One way she is doing this is through the new bulletin board outside of the library at the school. She hopes to use this to remind kids of all ages that they have control in their lives and their responses to challenges.

Administrative Department: Principal Arsenault Sets New Plans for Fishers Island School

As the new year kicks off at Fishers Island School (FIS), principal Christian Arsenault is setting new plans to better the school as a whole. Mr. Arsenault and the Board of Education, which he speaks very highly of, were able to push for the Bring-Your-Own device system, where students can bring their personal laptops for schoolwork. The school was also given a generous monetary donation by the Fishers Island Education Foundation, to buy brand new laptops for students at the school who need them.

For the past two years, Mr. Arsenault has held “Coffee with the Principal” each month, where he meets with parents and discusses FIS news and events. Mr. Arsenault says that he will also be having lunches with both faculty and students, to ensure effective communication amongst all parties.

In addition, FIS has an upcoming high school field trip to Pennsylvania and we wanted to thank Mr. Arsenault, the Fishers Island Teacher Association, and the Board of Education for coordinating and organizing the trip.

Technology Department: New Teacher, New Plans!

Starting his first year as the technology teacher at Fishers Island School, Mr. Murray looks to bring fun and interesting classes to the school. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Murray was the assistant superintendent at Madison Country Club. Mr. Murray is proud of making his class fun for the elementary with projects, such as the bottle rockets that were recently launched.

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