Directory: Island Services

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA of Fishers Island meets twice per week on Zoom in the off-season. Access them here.Email:

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American Legion Post 1045

Phone: (631) 788-7590
Hours: generally 4:30-8:00 PM, 4:30-7:00 Sunday

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Bay Constables

John Evans 788-7036
Matt Skinner 788-7859

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Coast Guard

Phone: (860) 442-4471
Marine Emergency: dial 911

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Town Constable Horn: (631) 788-7828
Town Constable Brock: (631) 788-5674
Town Constable Edwards: (631) 788-7318

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FIDCO (Fishers Island Development Corp.)

Phone: (631) 788-7251
Gate House: (631) 788-7215
Chris Finan, Manager, 788-7251

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Fishers Island Communications

Phone: 631-788-7487
Fishers Island Fog Horn Newsletter

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Fishers Island Community Center

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Fishers Island Community Garden

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Fishers Island Conservancy

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