IPP Morning Program 2020 – Build a MINI Boat for the Regatta!

This week in the Morning Program
the Pirates of Fishers Island will be back!

July 20-24 we will revisit some of the songs and stories of the Pirates of Fishers Island, who were featured in the last two years’ Morning Program drama productions. We will be learning to move like a pirate, talk like a pirate, and look at our very special island like the pirates did when they searched for treasure here!


This week will be the final week of the 2020 Morning Program, but families can still register their children here:  https://forms.gle/9VwYtZSSyKVzPnfCA

The virtual Cardboard Boat Regatta is this week too!


Start your day the #MoPro Way!

9:15 Fishers Friends Check In LIVE!

  • Counselors introduce today’s activity
  • Show off what you did yesterday

9:45 Music and Stories with Counselor Nick!

  • Wanna sleep in? No problem!
  • All programs are recorded, so you can Watch whenever you want to.

What we’ll be doing:

♥ Crafts with stuff you have at home ♥ Nature-based crafts ♥ Indoor Games Outdoor Activities ♥ Cooking
♥ Cupcakes Lots and Lots of Fun!

Register Today @ www.islandpeoplesproject.com

Please note: The 2020 Morning Program will be offered online only. Details on how to access the program will be provided upon registration.

Questions? morningprogram@islandpeoplesproject.com

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