IPP Easter 2021

The 2020 IPP Easter Festivities are canceled, sadly.
But looking ahead, we are keen to find a local to take over and be the leader of the festivities.

Hello Fishers Island Community,

We are trying to gauge your interest and looking for input on the 2021 Easter Festivities.

IPP would like your feedback on the following:

1. Will you be on Fishers Island for Easter 2021?

2. Do you plan to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt?

3. Would you like to lead the Easter Festivities?

4. Would you like to be the Easter Egg Hunt project-leader?

5. Would you like to work with IPP and create an Easter Committee?

6. Our goal is to find a person (or two) who will commit to leading the yearly Easter Festivities — are you that person?

Please kindly answer the questionnaire to determine EASTER 2020

Please reach out to Meg Atkin with any questions, comments, ideas, encouragement, and of course your answers to the questions by emailing her by March 16 at mrafiny@gmail.com

Some notes from Meg:
If you are interested in running the Easter Egg Hunt for IPP here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Coordinate ordering of Easter Eggs with the Village Market. Would need to order 12 dozen eggs
  • Find and help someone to kindly boil and dye the eggs.
  • Location –  in good weather, we have always held the hunt on the village green and the lawn by the Fire Dept., this way ages can be divided. When the weather was iffy last year we held the hunt in the Community Center. That could be arranged with Jeanie or Staley too.
  • IPP is happy to fund this event, we just need some to coordinate and run things.
  • Thanks for considering a role to make this a fun event for everyone!

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