IN MEMORIAM: George Lamborn

Vero Beach – George D. F. Lamborn died of natural causes July 17th, 2019 at his home in Vero Beach, Florida after spending an evening out with friends. His children and friends celebrate his storied life.

Mr. Lamborn was born in Montclair, NJ, the son of John W. Lamborn and Anna Flynn Lamborn. He was the youngest of five siblings; Elizabeth Flynn Lamborn, Patricia Lamborn Coward Kolbe, John W. Lamborn, Jr., and is survived by his sister Florence (Pete) Peters.

He is survived by his two former wives, Betty Harris Lamborn and Kathleen Rafferty Lamborn, and his children Elizabeth Lamborn Adams, Shelly Louis Lamborn, Caroline Lamborn Mehta, and George Parker Lamborn. He is also survived by his beloved grandchild, Ryland Mehta.

George lived life to the fullest. He was anything but boring. He loved golf, tennis, skiing, fishing, hunting, and traveling. He was an avid cook, a master of the grill and loved to entertain. His dogs were always by his side.

He graduated from The Edgemont School in Montclair, NJ before graduating from Portsmouth Priory in Portsmouth, RI. He attended Brown University before returning to NJ to help care for his mother and start his career in the commodities industry.

George served a number of financial organizations among them The Chicago Board of Trade and New York Mercantile Exchanges, The NY Commodities Exchange, The NY Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange, the Asian Markets, the London Markets and The NYFE and The NY Cotton and Orange Juice Exchange, United Terminal Sugar Association London, New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange (chairman 1974), London Cocoa Exchange, Amex Commodities Exchange (chairman 1979), Mid-American Commodity Exchange, Bourse de Commerce de Paris, New York Coffee and Sugar Clearing Association (chairman 1980), National Futures Association (founding and chairman 1978 and 1979), Future Industry Association (president 1976), Sugar Club (president 1972),

He was inducted into the Futures Industry Hall of Fame in 2005.

After his retirement, and over the course of the last 15 years George acted as the four-term President and two-term Vice President of the South Beach Property Owners Association Inc., of Indian River County, FL.

A funeral service was held Saturday, November 9th at St. Helen Catholic Church with a reception following at Bent Pine Golf Club, Vero Beach.

Published in the TC Palm from Oct. 21 to Oct. 22, 2019

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