IHP Spring 2019 Appeal

PO Box 344, Fishers Island NY 06390

                                                                                                        Spring/Summer 2019

Dear Fishers Islanders,

Spring has sprung! The 2019 season is upon us and the Island Health Project looks forward to meeting the needs of all who come to our island.

We are able to be here for you because you are here for us! Our donors are the lifeblood of our organization and without your support we would not be able to provide everyone who comes to Fishers with the medical care one might need. Whether it’s for a routine blood check, a skinned knee, a bad cold, poison ivy or one of many other ailments, we are here for you!

Dr. Christopher Ingram and his amazing staff – Dianna Shillo, Kapri Thomas, Jamie Doucette, Dee Ross and Stacy Hoch – run our office with great care and compassion.

Please continue to support our annual appeal with your donation and increased amounts are greatly appreciated. If you have never given, please start now, if only a small amount. We need everyone’s support to make this happen and keep it going. We know you are all too aware that nothing goes down in price and we can assure you, in the medical world, that is truer than ever. Reimbursement from insurance companies, Medicare and office visits alone cover only a fraction of what our budget requires.  Yes, most of our income comes from our bi-annual appeal and from two fundraisers (Hay Harbor July trunk show & The HOG).

We were thrilled last year to have many new contributors, increased gifts and a great response to the McCance $100,000 match offer.  Thanks to all of you, Island Health Project generated a positive net income.  Thank you!  Please help make 2019 another healthy year for IHP.

Gratefully, The IHP Board

Susie Parsons, President, Diane Baker, Vice President
Beth Arsenault, William Colman, MD, Ace Crary, Kathy Dollar, Susie Ferguson, Wendy Henderson, Sara McLean, Malcolm Miller, Richard Miller, Denny Ogden, Maisie Pollard, Carol Rossetto, Marc Rubenstein, MD, Dianna Shillo & Robert Warden

If you wish to donate in the form of securities, please contact Sharon Patterson at 631-788-7562 or sharonpatterson42@gmail.com or you can donate online at www.islandhealthproject.com

IHP NYS Tax ID #237391122

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