IHP Letter to FI Census Participants 30JUN20

June 30, 2020

Thank you for your continued participation in the Island Health Project summer protocol! The residents of Fishers Island are made safer by your compliance with our recommendations. Please continue to complete the symptom tracking form as it arrives in your inbox.

As of today, we have 1300 entries in our census database. Still, some of the population is unaccounted for. We encourage you to spread awareness about our protocol among your family, friends, and guests, particularly those who are teenagers or young adults. If you have live-in help or a housekeeper, encourage them to fill out the census if they haven’t already. It is in everyone’s best interest to enroll with the Island Health Project.

Additionally, if you have children who are old enough to monitor their own symptoms, please encourage each of them to make a new census entry of their own. Should symptoms arise, this can help us more quickly establish a line of communication between your family and the IHP.

Please be reminded that although the COVID crisis in New York State is improving right now, the rest of the country is struggling. We appreciate your vigilance during this public health crisis!

The IHP’s FI COVID-19 Census Team

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