ICB Representative Election 2019

2019 VOTING for Seasonal ICB Representative

STARTS: Thursday, August 22 at 10:00 am
ENDS: Wednesday, August 28 at 5:00 pm

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If you are a seasonal resident and registered in previous years, you only need to log-in to vote. If you have not registered, you will need to do so to vote online.

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NOTE: If you are having trouble voting online:
From on-island you may vote on paper at the Community Center
From off-island you may email Jane Ahrens at finyinfo@gmail.com and she can cast your proxy vote for you.
All before the voting ends at 5:00 pm today, Wednesday, August 28

2019 VOTING for Seasonal ICB Representative:

This year, voting to elect (1) seasonal representative for a three-year term, starts on Thursday, August 22 at 10:00 am and will end at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 28.

Current Seasonal Reps are Tom O’Neil, Dicky Riegel, and Willard Soper.
Current Year-Round Reps are Meg Atkin, Nate Malinowski, and Candy Whitman.

Tom O’Neil has served as a seasonal representative for 2 terms and per the by-laws is required to step off for at least 1 year.

Four candidates, Rich Bartels, Kevin Coleman, George de Menil, and Rob Hunt have stepped forward to run for the Seasonal Representative position. You will find their statement and short bio below.

Seasonal Candidate: Rich Bartels

Seasonal Candidate: Rich Bartels

Statement: I arrived on the island in 1980’s with my three children, Chad, Sara and Gen from my first marriage. I initially rented Rye “Randy” Ryan’s house on Hedge Street where we met the Burr family. We were entertained in the evenings three houses down when we heard the Burr brothers practicing their vocals for their barbershop quartet competitions. After eight years there, we started renting in other spots to see what the rest of the island was like. We rented on both ends of the island, but have spent most of our time on the west end facing the ferry dock.

Karen and I were married in 1985. I converted Karen from a “Cape” girl to a Fishers Island woman. We brought Elizabeth into the world in 1987. I got involved in Goose Island Corporation and eventually took over as an unpaid president for 10 years instituting many efficiencies and savings for the station and fuel delivery. I oversaw the replacement of the fuel tanks and the subsequent remediation that was required by the NY DEC. As the President of Goose Island I interacted with the Ferry District and the Fire Department. I served on the Library Board for 12 or so years. I installed the first computers and WiFi for them. I organized an island to island exchange with Block Island to see if there were mutual problems particular to islands that we could solve. I capped off my FI Library career by serving as President for my final three years. I was involved in the early years of Light House Works but contributed very little to the success that has come their way. We have been members of both FIC and HHC as well as the Yacht Club.

My professional life has always involved money management services for institutional clients such as pension funds, foundations, and endowments. First, I managed money using computer models to select and trade stocks. I was known for utilizing strategies that held a large number of stocks in very large portfolios. Later I switched from money management to introducing various other managers to those same institutional clients. I have a brokerage firm, Race Rock Capital, LLC. because it is required by the SEC to make those introductions. I have eight people including my son, Chad, at the firm who all work from various cities and areas in the country. I like the structure of the firm as it allows me to continue to work even while here on Fishers Island during the summer as long as the internet remains robust.

We bought Ferry Watch in 2006 and are selling it now to downsize. We intend to remain on the island. I have gotten to know and love this island over the years and hope I can give back as a seasonal ICB board member for the next three years.

Seasonal Candidate: Kevin Coleman

Seasonal Candidate: Kevin Coleman

Statement: I have spent my summers on Fishers Island for the last 47 years. The island and community are very special to me. I met my wife, Leslie Rutherfurd, on Island over 30 years ago. We both now spend our summers here with our extended families and, during the off-season, we are fortunate enough to get here at least once a month.

Early on, one of our goals was to make Fishers Island an integral part of our lives. We bought our first home on the island in 2000. When we had the opportunity to move to a new home, we worked with Walsh Park to sell our property on Montauk Avenue to their organization. I feel strongly that more needs to be done to increase the size of our year-round community and to provide affordable housing. If elected, I would look forward to working with organizations through the ICB as we all look to build the community.

Kevin is a lifelong summer resident of Fishers Island. He is currently a member of the Recreation Path board, and is a past board member of the Fishers Island Club. Off-season he resides in Manhattan, where he was a past President of the North Park Youth Hockey organization. Professionally, he is the founder and CEO of the Coleman Research Group, Inc., a global market research firm. He received his MBA from Babson College and BA from the University of Colorado.

Seasonal Candidate: George de Menil

Seasonal Candidate: George de Menil

Statement: I care deeply about the future of Fishers Island. I am a registered voter and live on Fishers Island five months out of the year. I am a member of the Big Club, a stockholder of FIDCO and of the Goose Island gas station. I have actively supported Walsh Park, the Island Health Project, the Community Center, the Fire Department, the Library and Island causes.

When Lois and I purchased White Gables 42 years ago, Fishers Island was a magical place where you could send your children (we have four) off to their classes on their bicycles, and know they would be safe. It is still that place for our grandchildren, but it now faces serious problems. The year-round population has dwindled from 460 to 230. The Island School, which we all support with our tax dollars, is approaching a tipping point. In June there were four seniors in the high school’s graduating class. A large contingent of magnet students from Connecticut help make the school a remarkable place with an excellent faculty and exceptional programs in science and the arts. But, if there are not enough Island students, it may have to close. The Island would then lose even more families. Affordable housing is a major issue.

There are encouraging signs of revival in the Fort area – the Island Community Center, Lighthouse Works, the Walsh Park apartments above the Ferry freight office, and more. The Island needs a forum, where all members of the community are represented, to monitor and encourage this revival. The ICB is that forum. It is the closest thing we have to our own community government.

The viability of Fishers island year-round is important to all of us who summer here and appreciate the island’s beauty. If we want Fishers Island to continue to be the unique place that it is, we need the ICB to play a thoughtful and active role. I hope to contribute to that effort.

George de Menil holds a B.A. from Harvard and Ph.D. from MIT. He has taught economics at Princeton, Harvard, the Stern School of Business at NYU, and the Paris School of Economics. He is a member of the French Academy, and was for 17 years on the Board of Schlumberger Ltd. He and his wife Lois have four children – Jason, Joy, Benjamin and Victoria, and 7 grandchildren, who enjoy summers on Fishers. Joy met her husband, Laird Reed, on Fishers.

Seasonal Candidate: Rob Hunt

Seasonal Candidate: Rob Hunt

Statement: I have been a summer resident of Fishers Island since 1974. As a child I would spend almost five months a year on the island, spending even a portion of the school year at the Fishers Island school from 1st grade through 5th. As a result, I have had the unique opportunity to develop life long friendships with both islanders and summer residents alike. As an adult, my wife Phoebe and I are now raising our two children, Violet and Teddy, on Fishers Island for two months each summer. I work from my home during these months, so I can spend the duration of July and August with my family on the island. It is our hope that by being here as much as we do, that our children will be raised with the same love of the island that we have and that we can instill in them the values that I was taught by this community when I was a child. While on Island I spend as much time as I can on the water, both fishing and recreating, and teaching my kids to fish, crab, and swim.

In addition to my personal passion for the island, I am also a landowner on both the West and East end. This has allowed me to gain a well-rounded perspective on the issues facing the island. My family is a member of the Hay Harbor Club, and my mother and sister, who also have spent close to 50 years on Island, are members of the FIYC and the FIC as well.

Professionally, I am an active attorney that spends the majority of my time working in finance. I have spent the past 15 years operating small businesses, investing in others, and managing modest private equity funds. I spend a great deal of time working with issues related to legislation, policy, and regulatory and as a result interface with lawmakers frequently. For this reason, I believe I could make a material impact in advancing the goals of the island in conjunction with the other members of the Board. For the last several years, I have been seeking ways to become more involved on the island, independent of the passive support we provide to several of the essential island services. I would be honored to become one of the three seasonal representatives of the Island Community Board.

Note: Because only a seasonal representative is up for election, only registered seasonal ICB members will be voting this year. When a year-round representative is on the ballot, year-round ICB members will be voting for the candidate to fill that position.

Vote online here, or on paper at the Community Center during business hours.

NOTE: If you registered last year, you only need to log-in to vote. If you have not registered, you will need to do so to vote online.

ICB Member Registration | MEMBER LOGIN

Thursday, August 22 at 10:00 am and will end
at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 28.


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