How Did your Garden Grow? Request for Island Garden Photos

Did your house have a victory garden, a flower garden, a greenhouse? Or was it in raised beds or all in various pots? What did the Island gardens look like ‘back in the day’?

Pierce Rafferty and I are trying to collect pictures of old Fishers Island gardens, with the thought of putting together a book someday if we can find enough. We are interested in photos of all kinds of gardens – they don’t have to be large and fancy. People might have some photos tucked away in scrapbooks or desk drawers – who knows – but we thought it would be fun to collect what might be out there before the photos fade.

Please contact Pierce at if you uncover some island garden images.

Thanks so much,
Mélie & Pierce

Pierce Rafferty
HL Ferguson Museum Director

Mélie Spofford
Gardening Column Author

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