Getting FI School in the Holiday Spirit

Student Council has been working hard heading into the holidays to prepare for a pre-break Spirit Week and Reindeer Games. The Fishers Island School student body recently pulled names for Secret Santa, which is set to run from Monday, Dec. 16th to Friday, Dec. 20th. There will also be a Spirit Week that same week leading up to Reindeer Games on Friday, Dec. 20th. Flyers for Spirit Week and Secret Santa are attached below. As far as Reindeer Games, the students will be competing in Volleyball, Castleball (dodgeball), and Tug of War. Afterward, the students will open their final Secret Santa presents under the tree that is set up by the entrance of the school.

Secret Santa

● Monday: Wrap Locker
o Wrap your person’s locker at some point during the day.

● Tuesday: Small Gift
o Examples would be a small trinket, drink, or snack

● Wednesday: Small Gift
o Examples would be a small trinket, drink, or snack

● Thursday: Small Gift
o Examples would be a small trinket, drink, or snack

● Friday: Big Gift
o Examples would be basketballs, gift cards, candles, or art supplies.

Don’t forget to leave a hint every day for your person. The hints should hopefully point to you by the end of the week! If you have any questions about Secret Santa, don’t hesitate to reach Meg, Lili, or Arabella.

Student Council Vice President, Lili K., said “even as someone who isn’t a huge fan of Christmas in general, I think it adds a feeling of homeyness to the halls seeing everyone’s lockers all wrapped up. I really look forward to leaving clues for my secret Santa, and getting to know someone who I might not have known very well before through their secret Santa slip and talking with their elves.”

Many students look forward to Secret Santa to bring cheer to the school, and the lockers undoubtedly bring a certain element of brightness to the halls. Secret Santa itself is very popular, with almost every student participating. Students leave small gifts and clues for their Secret Santa — a person pulled randomly and often outside of the students’ usual social circle. Elves are the friends of the student receiving presents that the person who pulled their name can consult on gift ideas. Secret Santa builds relationships throughout the school and helps to bring joy to the week.

In addition to the Holiday activities, Student Council Treasurer, David S., has overseen multiple fundraisers. Student Council sold wreaths for the holidays and recently began selling their sweatshirts, with ninth grader Maddie H. chosen as the winner of the design contest. For those who are interested in purchasing a sweatshirt, there is a flyer can be downloaded. David is also working on his soup fundraiser in January or February.

Winning designed by 9th Grader Maddie H.

FIS Sweatshirt Flyer  |  FIS Sweatshirt Youth Sizes & Order Form


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