Gardening May 2020

From Mélie’s Garden

I have felt very fortunate to be in quarantine on Fishers Island near my garden. My heart goes out to all my friends stuck in apartments and away from what gifts nature provides us out of the city. At this time of year, my husband and I usually travel back and forth being pulled in two different directions with spring activities.  This year we have found it to be so peaceful to just stay in one place. Unfortunately, the spring weather has been a bit dreary, but we have treasured every sunny day and our glorious daffodils that seem to thrive in the cold damp air.

Because of not traveling, I have been able to start a number of seeds inside and I am eager to see if they will be successful since this has not been my strongest gardening skill in the past. Saving all the eggshells from the last two months to use as seed starter containers, I planted a number with Sugar Snap Pea seeds. I am experimenting with starting them inside away from the pheasants. In the past, they have picked the seeds out of the ground as fast as I planted them. I am hopeful that once the peas are little plants the pheasants will be less interested!

Sugar Snap Pea sprouts

One successful indoor gardening project I tried this spring was growing Microgreens. I ordered the kit from Window Garden. They offer five different kits -Sunflower, Pea Shoots, Zesty Radish, Salad, and Wheat Grass. We grew the Pea Shoots and they were not only delicious, but kept growing even after cutting, so they have lasted a good month or more before slowing down.

Pea Shoots

Hopefully, May will bring more sunshine and the last days of frosts will soon be over and planting can begin. Remember to protect small plants from the wind well into June and prune and start to fertilize your roses now. A rose fertilizing and care program I follow is attached below. Let’s hope we all have a successful and rewarding gardening season that will not only feed our bodies but also replenish our souls.

Rose Care Program

Prune in March or April
Inches of Water 1 Cup of 1 heaping T. of
Per Week Fertilizer Epsom Salt
Per Bush Per Bush
April 1” Once Once
May 1” – 2” Once Once
June 2” Once
July 2” – 3” Once
August 3″
Sept. 2” – 3”
Oct. 3” – 2”

Homemade Rose Spray for Black Spot

  • 2 – 3 T. Baking Soda & 2 T Joy (or other mild dishwashing soap)
  • Mixed with a gallon of water and spray every 7 to 10 days if needed.

 Insecticide: Spray with Insecticide soap as needed

Mélie’s beautiful daffodil garden

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