FIYC Dredging Work in West Harbor

In October, the Fishers Island Yacht Club, with financial participation from the Fishers Island Fire District, carried out a long-awaited program of dredging in the marina.

The dredging ensures that the Sea Stretcher will have six feet of clearance at its dock even at mean low tide. Additional dredging took place in particularly shallow dock areas to either side of the Sea Stretcher, in the channel to and from the Sea Stretcher dock and along the southern portion of the outer dock area used by often quite large transient boats.

The dredging was subject to multiple permit approvals of the federal and state governments. The dredged material was taken to an Army Corps of Engineers approved site off New Haven. The work was done by Gwenmor Marine Contracting, which carried out seven 24 hour round trips with its tug and barge hauling a total of approximately 2,800 cubic yards of dredge material from the marina to the New Haven site.

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Gwenmor Marine Contracting’s barge and tug, off Gov’t Bell, loaded down with dredge material on the start of the last run west to the New Haven site. Phase I Dredging is complete. Photo credit Tom Cashel

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