Fishers Island School’s Morrissey selected as Senate Page

Fishers Island resident Jack Morrissey will be heading to Washington DC for the fall semester. He applied and has been accepted to begin in September as 1 of only 30 students from the entire US to serve as a Senate Page this session.

Each Page is assigned a specific senator, normally from their home state, and Jack was selected to work for Senator Schumer.

The pages are all juniors in high school and between 16 and 17 years of age. Their day begins at 6:00 am at school. From 10:00 am and for the balance of the day (through the evening if there is a vote etc.) they are with their senator.

Here is an overview of the duties of a Senate Page:

  • Senate Page duties consist primarily of delivery of correspondence and legislative material within the Congressional complex.
  • Other duties include preparing the Chamber for Senate sessions and carrying bills and amendments to the desk.
  • Pages attend classes in the early morning at the United States Senate Page School, a program fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

“Being accepted into the Senate Page Program is incredibly difficult. Jack is one of the most politically aware students that I have ever worked with. I am confident that Senator Schumer will be thrilled with his selection and enjoy working with Jack. I couldn’t be prouder of Jack and his accomplishments.” ~ Fishers Island School Social Studies Teacher Michael George

To learn more about the details of the Page Program visit Senator Schumer’s website:

As an interesting side note, Senate Pages are not permitted to have a cell phone for the four months they are in D.C. They are only allowed to access the internet for school assignments. Not many young people would give up cell phones and the internet for that long!

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