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Fishers Island Petites & Summer Heat

We are now harvesting our Fishers Island Petites on Thursday at noon so the oysters can chill down in our walk-in overnight.  Thank you for your orders and have a great week!

Fishers Island Petites are a smaller oyster and used to be our only oyster. By popular demand, we began selectively breeding for larger oysters. Throughout the year, as we sort for orders, smaller oysters go back out to the site to grow more. When we begin shipping again in September, this group is known as Fishers Island Petites and some chefs prefer these to this day.

Purchase any number of 24ct boxes and Pick-Up your order from a cooler in our driveway between 4 – 6 PM on Friday afternoons. If you are driving from town to Isabella, we are the last left before Penninsula Road. Follow the pavement to the basketball hoop where you will find the cooler. For planning purposes, we will need your order by noon on Thursday which will be our official “cut-off” time for weekly local orders.

If someone else is picking up when you arrive, please wait in your car until you are able to maintain a healthy 6 feet of social distance.

Thank you and enjoy!

~ You can click on the picture below to order now. ~

We’re extending a huge thank you to Izzie Reid and Summer Shuckers for donating their time to coordinate April Oyster Joy deliveries.  I don’t think any of us knew how many households would be involved!  Izzie and her helpers made our day-dream a reality and we look forward to a summer full of collaborations.

A Virtual Billion Oyster Party Teaser

Oyster Hour is a teaser for the annual Billion Oyster Party which has been postponed until September 24th.  The Billion Oyster Party has built up an incredible community of farmers, chefs, educators, and oyster lovers.  For oyster farmers, it’s the most popular event of the year; it’s our Oyster Prom.  It is also, most importantly, BOP‘s biggest fundraising event of the year.

All ticket holders for the September 24 Billion Oyster Party will be automatically registered for OYSTER HOUR. However, if you cannot attend the party, you can still purchase viewing access with a $50 contribution to the Billion Oyster Project.  Party and viewing access tickets can be purchased here.

Fishers Island Oyster Farm Newsletter

One more thing… we will send out any updates to our Fishers Island friends as needed, but will no longer be sending a weekly email.  If you’d like to receive our weekly Fishers Island Oyster Farm Newsletter, click here, scroll to the bottom, and subscribe.

Thank you so much,

The Fishers Island Oyster Farm Family

We can’t thank you enough!

April 24, 2020

Hello everyone,

The idea for the oyster giveaway that we have been calling April Oyster Joy came from a place of despair. We are farmers and have been challenged by environmental and man-made catastrophes in the past; but nothing prepared us for a pandemic. Our brains and hearts emptied out. Our markets closed, we furloughed our crew, the atmosphere on Fishers was tense and we felt paralyzed.  We thought that giving away oysters might cheer people up.  A small gesture that would make a crisis less terrible.  And thankfully, Izzie Reid, Garnet Reid, Charlie Parsons, and CJ Finan were available to execute the plan.

Well, we hope we cheered you up, but you did much more for us. An old Proverb comes to mind:

If you want a little happiness, eat some oysters.
If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.
If you want to solve your problems, give away your oysters.

April Oyster Joy has filled up our empty tank. Given us ideas on how to go forward.  Your enthusiasm, feedback, pictures and recipes have opened our eyes and given us new direction.  We are taking ourselves to task for being oyster snobs. Pre-pandemic, we eschewed all oyster recipes. “Eat ‘em straight,” we challenged. If you have to add anything, we recommended a tiny bit of champagne to bubble up the effervescent magic of a fresh oyster – in this current atmosphere, that attitude is revealed as truly short-sighted!  Now, thanks to you, we are open to every idea. Pickle ‘em, smoke ‘em, grill ‘em, stew them, fry them, fritter them, freeze them.  Our new motto is: OYSTERS ARE FOR EVERYONE, IN EVERY WAY.

The future is uncertain. No one can predict when restaurants and oyster bars will be back in business. And when they are back, what will they look like? We don’t know. We are going to focus on developing our direct to consumer market and our ambition to make oysters a food choice for everyone. Not just for folks willing to pay $3 a piece at a fancy oyster bar. We aim to encourage Americans to be more like the French. Which means shucking an oyster has to be as normal as opening a can of soup. We have a lot of work ahead of us, made much easier through your encouragement, great photos and recipes.

Thank you very much.

We will leave you with our favorite shucking video. Some of you will remember the shucker and star, Call Nichols. He lived on the Island and was our hatchery manager for a couple years. Here you go.

For easier shucking directions, click here.

All the best,

The Fishers Island Oyster Farm Family

Fishers Island Oyster FarmApril 1, 2020

We are scrambling at Fishers Island Oyster Farm to figure out how to go forward during the current event.

While we are re-organizing, we want to concentrate on things we can do and not focus on all the things we cannot do. We want to work with what we have – and we have oysters!

For the month of April, we are offering free oysters to anyone who is on the island. All you have to do is put in an order with by Thursday of each week (give her your street address – because Steve doesn’t know where anyone lives) and Steve will deliver to porches on Fridays. We hope this will bring some happiness to our community during this stressful period.

Oysters are particularly good food for times like these. They are quite high in zinc which promotes healthy immune systems.

So please spread the word among your friends who are on Island.

Fishers Island Oyster Farm

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