Fishers Island: Navigating COVID-19

March 28, 2020


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Please check the Community Calendar for updates on Cancelled, Postponed and Remote events.

On the island, nearly every organization, tax district, and year-round store and service has established guidelines and provided safe options to continue to serve the 250ish residents and others residing here. Click on the highlighted Business headings for ALL DETAILS for each location below.

If you are sick or are practicing self-quarantine, please do so in your primary residence with your primary physician. March 24, 2020: White House officials advise people leaving greater New York to self-quarantine for 14 days. CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY and here CNBC


Traveling to Fishers

If you come to Fishers, the following rules apply to everyone:

  • The New London Ferry ticket office is closed to the public.
  • You must purchase your tickets online or call the New London Ferry office (860) 442-0165 and they will deliver your ticket to you in your car.
  • Take the Ferry in an enclosed car with the windows up, no conversing with other passengers.
  • If you must ride in the passenger cabin, please practice social distancing of 6′
  • Ferry District: < More information from the Ferry including modified schedule and Freight pick-up

 Island Health Project (IHP)/Doctor’s Office: No drop-in visits. Everyone must call to make an appointment and be ‘pre-screened’ (631) 788-7244. Click link for more information.

 Village Market:  As of March 28, the store is closed to customers. Open Monday-Saturday, just click the link to learn how easy it is to place an order for pick up.

Transfer & Compost Stations: Transfer is open weekdays, Compost is closed.

Post Office: Call the postmaster (631) 788-7835 if you need to have your mail and parcels delivered to your home, or if a family member needs access to get your mail.

Utility Company: Building is closed. All business must be handled by phone, online, or through the Utility business office window from the PO lobby.

Island Hardware: Store is closed to customers. Taking orders over the phone that will be ready when you pull up.

Closed thru April 3*

 Fishers Island School: Closed with distance learning

Suffolk County Situation Report: Updated daily

From the Town of Southold Supervisor

March 12, 2020: Letter for Town of Southold Supervisor Scott Russell includes this important message, “A State of Emergency has been declared for Southold Town effective 4:00 pm, Thursday, March 12, 2020. Questions, call the Supervisor’s Office (631) 765-1889.” Click the button to for more instructions and information

Southold Police Dept: Stop the Spread

Coronavirus Info c/o Congressman Zeldin’s Office MAR2020

Closed until further notice or update.

Messages from Race Rock GardenCommunity Center, Library, Our Lady of Grace, Union Chapel, American Legion, Museum, BD, Lighthouse Works, Popeye & Texaco

It has come to our attention that North Haven, ME has taken the extraordinary step “to ban visitors and seasonal residents immediately to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the Penobscot Bay island” of 350 residents.

That is not going to happen on Fishers. Community members are here to wait out this virus. Additionally, we need the Ferry to continue to bring needed items – food, fuel, and medicine, among other necessities.

As a community, we are all in this together and the main goal is to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. The whole community is practicing social distancing for 6′ and following the advice of a collection of authorities including the CDC and town, county, state, and government offices.

Many thanks to all the island entities for their continued efforts to supply the island with needed goods and services. Please be kind, thoughtful, respectful, and smart! When the weather gets warmer, we can all go for a walk, at arms-length, and sit on the beach, 6’ apart. We can do this!

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