Fishers Island Judo Promotions

Juda-Team-Best-660x330Nineteen members of the Fishers Island Judo Club received awards from the New London County Judo parent organization on Thursday, March 27 2014. The club, now in it’s fourth year, has youth from age 5 to 15 in the classes at the Fishers Island School.

The club meets every Thursday after school on Fishers and is headed by Sensei Ron Egnor, Rokudan 6th degree Red and White belt. Emma and Steven Bollinger split the duties as assistants. Emma will become a black belt next week and Steven is a brown belt. Both have numerous trophies for state, regional and national championships.

A special guest for the awards night was Sensei Sharon Hunt, Yodan 4th degree Black Belt. She has coached all the team’s champions who won many team trophies and hundreds of individual podium placements at National events. On this day she directed several “Games” used internationally to train Judo athletes for competition.



I cannot put in words the pride I have in the Fishers Island Judo club. All sports like to have matched ages and sizes but we have small to tall, heavy to light and very young to high school age. Here that is not a detriment as they all work together under the club motto of “Jita Kyoei” in Japanese that translates to “Mutual Benefit and Welfare”. To watch the older students help mentor the young for their promotions was heart warming. To watch the young work with partners of all sizes and ages also made me proud. We have had students that have graduated and gone to college, some have relocated to other states and some moved on to other activities but all of them were great to have on the mat. I will always thank Michael Shine (Shiner to FI) and Cynthia Riley for starting the process of getting a club going. Fishers has been a great addition to our club. ~ Sensei Egnor

Awards were given as follow:

“Outstanding Effort and Achievement” went to three youngsters who will be getting promoted in May.
Griffin Harris
Bella Harris
Anthony Toldo

Promoted to Junior Yellow Belt
Meg Allen
Ashley Morrell
Christina Toldo
Frederick Toldo
Constance Toldo

Promoted to Junior Orange Belt
Ellie Bloethe
Sydney Bond-Cavanagh
Benjamin Edwards

Promoted to Junior Green Belt
Jackson Eastman, already a Green Belt was awarded “Highest Rank”, a special award for passing green far ahead of age and time requirements.
Lydia Doucette
Javier Perez

Promoted to Junior Blue Belt
Mitchell Kucsera
David Shillo

Promoted to Junior Purple Belt, the largest test for junior ranks with 26 throws plus pins, strangles and arm bars.
Hunter Kucsera

Promoted to Senior Green Belt
Thad Allen

Promoted to Senior Brown Belt, the first for Fishers Island
Emma Cypherd


Congratulations to all!


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