A Fishers Island Fire District Tradition

Fire District Commissioners and Fire Department Officers were sworn in for the 2014 fiscal year on Thursday, January 2, as is tradition on Fishers Island since the District was founded in 1927.

The ceremony began with the swearing in of Joe Brock, beginning his second five-year term as Chair of the Fire District Board of Commissioners.  He was joined by Jeff Edwards and Jennifer Sanger.  All three elected commissioners sit on the Fire District Board with Paul Giles and Aaron Lusker.

The Commissioners then swore in the Fire Department Officers.  These officers include Chief Wayne Doucette, 1st Assistant to the Chief Bob Rogers, 2nd Assistant to the Chief Nate Malinowski and Fire Captain Joe Hirschfeld.

Also sworn in were Fire District Secretary Catherine Edwards and Treasurer Kristen Peterson.

Approximately 60 active volunteers serve as firemen, and on the Ambulance Squad including EMTs, MRTs, Sea Stretcher captains and navigators, and work with Fishers Island’s year round doctor, Dr. Chris Ingram.

Saturday, January 25, 2014 the Commissioners and Officers will be joined by the volunteer members at the annual Fire District Installation to celebrate this tradition.

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