FICC Offers: Never Binge Again® Workshop

New Years Nutrition Reboot!

Never Binge Again® Workshop: 21 Days to become a better eater.

January 10th (Thursday) 5:00 PM

  • Learn to recognize your inner “Food Demon” and understand how to “cage it” quickly and without a struggle.
  • Understand the function of insulin and its role in weight loss/weight gain.
  • Learn the important role the liver plays in weight loss/weight gain.
  • Spend 21 days getting support from one another, expanding your knowledge of how nutrition impacts health, and learning to become the eater you want to be.

There is no cost to this program but pre-registration is required just email

Led by Staley Sednaoui, who has a MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and also holds a certification as a Health Coach, a Psychology of Eating Coach and a Never Binge Again® coach. For more see

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