FICC Letter 12/3/18 re: Waste Management District Update

The following letter was sent to the Fishers Island Community Center’s (FICC) mailing list the morning of Monday, December 3, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

By now, many of you may have seen the attached letter from the WMD. This short-term positive result was brought about by:

  • Willard Soper and Nate Malinowski with the Island Community Board (ICB) who did a great job analyzing the project and exposing its deficiencies.
  • Our Fishers Island Community Center team who helped get the word out encouraging our members, homeowners and residents to write to express their concerns about the proposed project.
  • To our legal counsel filing an Article 78 proceeding challenging the SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) negative declaration and lead agency appointment as submitted by the WMD.
  • The refusal of the Town of Southold Board to consider the request by the WMD for financing backed by a bond issuance, based on the scale and inappropriateness of the project.

Our counsel is currently negotiating with WMD counsel on the details of discontinuing our Article 78 petition in exchange for the WMD formally rescinding its negative declaration and abandoning its larger project.  If the WMD will not formally rescind its negative declaration, which would prevent it from reviving the project in the future without having to comply with SEQRA, our counsel will adjourn the Article 78 petition to keep our legal challenge alive.

Despite the WMD counsel’s expression of “good faith,” we remain concerned about the path forward. From the attached communication, there does not seem to be much sense of responsibility for having spent approximately $350,000-$450,000 to date on what we believe was a fiscally and environmentally irresponsible project. At its meeting held on November 27th, the WMD discussed its revised Strategic Plan 2019 (attached) calling for aggressively expanding its composting and glass crushing operations in direct contradiction to what was stated in their November 9, 2018 letter and ignoring public concerns raised about the noise and particulate pollution now being generated by the WMD.

While we certainly appreciate the WMD’s goal to be environmentally considerate, now is the time for the WMD Board to focus on simplifying the District’s operations, while being more neighborly, transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible.

With thanks for your support and all best wishes for the Holiday Season.


Luke Fowler
Fishers Island Community Center, Inc.

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