FICC Guest Speaker: Sherri Moore on “What are Your Legal Rights”

FICC is having a fantastic speaker named Sherri Moore come to the Community Center on August 8th.  She’s a law professor at UVA, a very dynamic speaker, and probably one of the most popular teachers on campus.

She’s giving a talk on people’s legal rights. For example, if a policeman rings your doorbell, do you have to let him in? Or what you should know before you sign a car lease. Very practical, law for everyday stuff.

She incorporates this into a business law class she teaches at UVA and she’s putting it into a talk for us at Fishers. It’s great for young people to learn (so spread the word!), but also for everyone.

Thursday, August 8, 5:00 to 6:00 at the Community Center.

Suggested donation $10 to support programs like this coming to the FICC.

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